After a poor game for him, and the only one todate, do you keep him at LB or switch him and Backenridge? He played safety very well and Backenridge might have been able to tackle Cornish and Lewis better. Butler missed a large number of tackles. Went for the hit and not the wrap up.

I don't think you change everything after one game. I think you keep it the way it is and if Butler starts missing tackles in the first half again switch them at the half. It is a rotation thing after all.

Agreed. There were lots of slip-ups by our guys - Kory fumbling the ball, Dwight letting Nik walk thru him, Ricky's kick out-of-bounds and all the stupid penalties. I chalk it up to coming off the bye and expect to see our guys get right back to playing the way they have prior to the Stamps game.

He was just as bad in Week 2 vs Stamps and again in Week 3 vs Argos/Kackert.

He has been the only real sore spot all year.

Keep the man in there, if he feels one bad game and bang you are out then his Confidence will suffer.He will bounce back against the Birds this weekend :smiley:

He had a much better game against the Als. The D was guilty of some sloppy tackling at times, but I'm not sure if it was him on any of those plays. He had a couple of nice pass break ups.

Almost like a Safety huh?

Yeah sort of like Bracks pick at safety huh?

Another Butler special, launches his body at SJ Green with arms hanging at his sides, no attempt to wrap, bounces off, instead of 3rd and long, Als get a big first down. I'm so sick of seeing this. Still the weakest link in the defense.

I think he is trying to play like Backenridge. He doesn't hit as hard. He needs to wrap up the guys and make the play.


I haven't said Brack is a poor safety
I have said Butler is a weak LB

I suppose it is a matter of whether you want to have a great Safety and a weak LB or a Great LB and a decent Safety.

Because a LB is more involved in run stoppage and underneath passes, and also can help give a guy like Rey Williams more liberties, I know my choice.

I apologize. I thought you were critiquing the whole rotation betwee the two and my point was without the rotation Brack wouldn't have been in position to mae the pic is all. I like Brack at safety but I do agree Butler at LB is a little suspect. I'd almost rather Brack play safety and Kromah play LB with Butler coming in on subs.

That play annoyed me so much.

:thup: :thup: :thup: