Butler to Hamilton for Flick, Smith

As per the cfl.ca homepage.....didn't exactly see this one coming.....kinda figured Crandell would be the one to be moved, if anyone -not sure why.....not a bad trade overall, imo - Tillman could have done much worse.....kind of a little bit one-sided, though..... :wink:

I kinda think that was a ridiculous deal… BUT, at the same time, i guess that shows the Riders are committed to KJ… UNLESS, they trade for Jarious Jackson…

I too was surprised to see Rocky go! My first choice would have been Crandell, but who knows which youngster Tillman will be signing to replace Rocky? Maybe Thompson from Oklahoma (who lost to Boise State in the Bowl Game of Bowl Games) who is on the Riders neg list?

With Smith, maybe we can get back to an "ALL Canadian" OL? That would be a nice luxury since it is likely Childress maybe hanging up the cleats and Charles Thomas hasn't been getting a rousing endorsement from the Rider faithful.

Is Durant still hanging around? There’s always the chance he could be the one to replace Butler.

ya get rid of Thomas :stuck_out_tongue: i cant stand his holding on more :expressionless:

Hmmm, give this trade to Tillman.

He’s off to a good start.

I'm really surprized that the Riders let Rocky Butler go. I guess Joesph is our man. I agree with getting Smith, our O'line needs alot of work in the not so distant future and Charles Thomas doesn't look like the answer. I'm a little less convinced why we need DJ Flick when we already have Armstead, Dominguez, and Fantuz in our receiving corps. I'd sleep alot better if Tillman could re-sign Omar Morgan.

We got Ripped Buttler is not worth DJ and Smith and Draft pick..

I agree what was hamilton thinking , Flick is good, maybe he could be trade bait for Clarmont

Rumour on riderfans.com is that Tillman cleverly masked the release of Nate Davis today, behind all this trade talk.....

oh well

I didnt even realize that wayne smith was the other player in the deal. He is a star. 1st overall in the draft. wtf hamilton?

I like the o line guy, but Flick has never impressed me and I am just sad to see Rocky leave without ever getting a real chance in Green.

Smith was on the bench for most of the end of the season for fabio falice....yeah thats right a mac grad took over for the 'once' first over all pick.

have fun with you 2nd string at best quarterback

I'd have moved Crandell before moving Butler as well were I in Tillman's shoes. But let's face it, Butler has upside, whereas Crandell is as good as he is ever going to be so I doubt that Hamilton would have given you Smith and Flick for Crandell.

crandell can win games now if we need him in case of injury, butler only beat hamilton and looked awful when he came in and played good defences.

Rocky Butler traded to Hamilton. Well At least they got more than future considerations like Shivers got with Kevin Glenn. Seriously I am glad to see him go. He was entrenched at third string quarterback. I am sure he was a nice guy but I think that if he cannot progress after 5 years from third on the depth chart then it is time to get rid of him. Hopefully he does well in Hamilton.

And this gives a chance to Darian Durant to.

Correction...Wayne was there with Fabio
on the O-line playing Offensive Tackle
after a few games out with an injury.

The man is an amazing upfield blocker on sweep plays.

His legs are like a fullback's legs.