butler stay or go ?

dose rocky butler stay or go ? let me now what u think

Butler stays. He is the only back-up with experience. Could also take over for Maas if injured.

i think rocky butler must stay because look at what we gave up for him: DJ Flick and Wayne Smith

if not then we should trade him

Butler will stay.

I also think the club will keep Maas, Butler and Chang.

I believe that Butler will be lot more valuable to Hamilton than most fans think. Like Maas and Chang, Butler is at a stage in his career where he HAS to play well every chance he gets because if he doesn't, his career will be over. That makes him a determined, dangerous player. In that same vein, King will probably get cut because he has nothing left to prove in football, and he therefore lacks the proper motivation to push himself adequately.

And we should not "keep Butler just because we dealt Flick and Smith To Saskatchewan to get Butler," either. We won the Butler trade, in my opinion. Flick and Smith did zero to help this team win ballgames last year. Their lack of production (And maybe even their attitude in the dressing room) was part of the problem. I don't care if they were nice to fans after practices, or if you have their autograph. We will see this year that these two players will not help Saskatchewan as much as Tillman thinks they will, and that is why we shipped them out. We got a good, young, experienced QB for two players who didn't perform well on the field in 2006 (And who have already been adequately replaced, by the way). Rocky will do whatever it takes to help the Cats win in 2007. Again, he is hungry and dangerous.

I have to listen to the CHML broadcasts of both preseason games before I'm going to pronounce my two centimes on this with any confident finality.

Butler's edge is his familiarity with the league. Unless King and Williams can step it up in their game reps against Winnipeg...I think Rocky will stay.

From everything I've heard from Taaffe, Maas has done well taking the week (!) of camp as whole into account. Same with Chang. I would assume they are 1-2 going into this week. If my surmise is correct, King or Williams would have to dislodge Rocky to stick and King may not opt for clipboard duty.

These are scenarios, after all. Game reps have to happen. And they will. Soon. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oski Wee Wee,

Butler: Stay
Maas: Stay
King: Not stay
Chang: Stay
Williams: Not stay.

Butler played well in the scrimmage. He definitly will make the team. Maas looked very much as he did last season. When he was in there, the offence looked very sporatic. King really struggled with his passing. Chang, although talented, was not very accurate with his passes.....hopefully it'll get better with timing. The player that impressed me was Richie Williams. He has a great arm, is accutate, and has quick feet. This kid is a competitor. When he was put in last season (although limited) he played well. With a season under his belt his confidence should be building.
This may sound far out but Butler, Williams and Chang would be my three. :cowboy:

wow buckwheat that dose not surpise me that much through 1.butler 2. chang 3.williams but forently maas is well liked by the coaching staff remember that it takes time to learn an offence just give maas sometime

ticatsackattack, Wayne Smith is an all-star O-lineman and was our 1st round pick a few years ago and i agree Dj Flick did not perform well last season but i didnt really see any1 else making plays except Terry Vaughn and Corey holmes made some great plays i mean we had the worst offence in the league last year so there are gunna be some players with bad statistics, but all the years before Flick played great and had some amazing catches.

and by the way no i dont have there autograph and if i did that would not be the reason for me liking them
and thinking it was a bad trade.

Hey Bulldog,

Maas has had more time than the others to learn this offence, as he's been getting most of the reps. I'm calling it as I see it not what I'm reading on this site. At $400.000+ a year, Maas should be leading this team on the field. In the scrimmage, he certainly didn't show that. He looked like the same guy I watched struggle most of last year.
Williams and Butler moved the ball much better, even though they've had a lot less reps in camp. :cowboy:

"Maas, who promptly signed a two-year deal with an option for 2008, said he's excited about the team's prospects. The Hamilton Spectator reported that Mass's [sic] new contract is worth $300,000 annually."

[url=http://www.canada.com/topics/sports/football/cfl/tigercats/story.html?id=9338e2fe-7aad-40d0-88e2-3aae5e3adf45]http://www.canada.com/topics/sports/foo ... ae5e3adf45[/url]

Ricky Ray made about $450K pre-SMS, leading the league to my knowledge. Dickenson and Calvillo are in that elite bracket. Maas is second-tier money.

Some salaries have been rejigged to meet SMS targets. One thing is for sure: Maas didn't get a raise after 2006. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

After six days (!) in a first camp with a new system and a receiving corps people will need a program to follow for some time, IT TAKES TIME. The defence will always gobsmack an offense in such a scrimmaging scenario, whether in CFL, NFL, AFL....:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I would really like to see these guys in a real preseason game dodging real bullets before trapdoors are engaged. :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,

Maas looked "okay" in his plays...against our anticipated #1 or starting defence.

Butler did not impress (me) against our newbies.

Waaaayyyyy too early to tell.

Butler goes. In a trade with

A-Montreal. brady is horrible would make a great backup there
B- Winnipeg for depth

Rocky is not as good as you people are projecting him to be. he's just another failed attempt Michael Vick wannabe, dime a dozen my friends.

Butler stays. He's a better wannabe than King and Williams... besides trade him for what... a third rounder and a 2nd string over the hill lineman? He stays.

he must be doing somthing right butler and maas r staying home this week while king richie and chang goto the peg. either that or they already kno butler is good cuz they seen him play in sask.

It would be very hard to cut Maas or Butler, knowing they have CFL experience as a starter, while King, Chang and Williams (with the exception of some nothing games last year) have none.

Or it means that Charlie is simplly keeping to his word not to cut any QBs until the second preseason game and this is the way he chose to split it.

Conventionally, the proposed starter for the season only plays the second game, so Maas staying behind is understandable. The staff's knowledge of Butler's work in the league is a consideration, I believe. The three new guys to the league are going into hostile ground Thursday.

Likely all three pivots will play in Winnipeg. I wouldn't be surprised if one of them gets some reps back in Hamilton if Taaffe and co. need more game reps from a guy to evaluate. Playing any more than 3 QBs would be counterproductive to anyone establishing a playing rhythm -- a team only dresses 3 QBs regularly anyway when the real fun starts.

We should see some concrete separation between the QBs with these games.

Oski Wee Wee,

The way the team is talking, they've invested time and effort into developing the playbook for Maas to be the starter. I can't see him losing the job unless nothing is working by game four. Butler is then the safety net, acquired specifically if Maas can't lift his game. The future seems to be pinned on Chang (the new regime's choice) or Williams (brought in during the old regime, so less loyalty). King is the outsider. I'm willing to bet that King's only real shot at a place on the team is to unseat Butler. In which case -- just from camp reports so far -- my prediction would be:

  1. Maas stays until further notice
  2. Butler stays
  3. Chang stays
  4. Williams stays on practice/development roster
    (Taaffe has already hinted at this)
  5. King goes, perhaps scouted by the Als

Quote.... "they've invested time and effort into developing a playbook for Maas to be the starter."

I can't believe that would be the process followed. The playbook was developed over months. You don't develop a playbook to suit one specific player. You set plays that will give the desired results, like winning, Then you pick players suited to run that offense.

Can you imagine picking plays that would suit Maas, only to find him out with injury early in camp? You can't go back to square one at that point. No, it is more likely that Taaffe has the plays he wants to see used, and now the question is, "Who can best handle the playbook as it is now written?"

It may well be Maas. But, if it is, it will be because he has shown the ability to best function following the predetermined script. All other considerations aside, the experience of some of the 'chosen five' may lend itself better to running what has already been settled upon as the 'chosen game plan'.