Butler or Maas--next year's starter?

Which will it be?

how about...whoever performs best in training camp and preseason. In a tie, probably Maas as he has had better success in the past, and I think cost more money.

If Maas is healthy, it will be Maas. But he will at least exhibit some fire in 2007, because, unlike in 2006, he will have a guy behind him who he KNOWS can take his job if he plays poorly.

But keep this in mind: Butler, who is making substantially less than Maas, one would think, will be given every opportunity to beat Maas out, for that reason.

Salary vs Salary. No brainer. Maas.


It's Maas's starting job to lose.

I would sure like to know what kind of a deal Maas made with the team when they first signed him. I just can't see Marcel hanging on to Maas, even to fight for his job, unless there is a guarantee starting QB clause or something like that in his contract. Or guaranteed money regardless of whether he plays or not.

A rejuvenated Jason Maas under the capable offensive direction of Charlie Taaffe.

Richie Williams is the sleeper in the equation.

Oski Wee Wee,

I vote none ..Bring back Danny Mac..

Just Kidding ... I still don't think we have a QB

I second that notion! go after Pierce.

I'd be floored if BC gave up Pierce. With the fragile Dickenson a concussion away from retirement and Jackson a free agent I can't see them getting rid of Pierce.

I voted Jason Maas but thats on the assumption that he is healthy which I sincerely doubt. If Maas is finished forever as I suspect we don't have a starter or even a guy with the potential to start.

If you think its Maas job to lose then you don't agree to a fair competition for the job

I don’t caee who the starter is. That’s for the coach to decide and I’ll cheer for whom ever it is.

What we need to hire is BC's Quarterback
Scout! To find us a printers or peirce.

At least Jason gets a chance to prove he is healthy
unlike Tim Cheatwood, who risked permanent injury

playing one one leg for the sake of his his team
and doing so at a high level until his ACL injury.

I didn't know Tim Cheatwood was qualified to compete for the QB job.

How's that for a trick play!!

Might be kind of fun for those that prefer hard-hitting football, actually. We'd have kicker that can't kick so well but can sure lay a returner out, and a QB that can't throw so well but who defensive backs were afraid to intercept.

The results of this poll stagger me. Two thirds in favour of Maas over Butler? Did you all fall asleep last June and just wake up now to respond to the poll?
Is there one game last year that Maas showed even 50 percent of what Butler has shown?
Please....hide the results of the poll from Marcel and Charlie Taafe :cry:

Note that the poll asks who we think WILL be the starter. I voted for Maas, because I think the coaches will give him every chance to prove he deserves to be the starter.

Now, if the question had been, "Who do you think SHOULD be the starter", the answers may have been different.

In any case, let's have faith that Taaffe will use training camp to make a determination. Let the best man win!... And maybe neither of those two???