Butler cut by Ti-Cats

I was watching TSN when the news came over the wire. Wonder if the Riders will make a move for Rocky?

I would say no, just because I want them to keep Drew Tate arround, this kid could seriously be the future if he can pick up the Canadian game.

I don't see much of anything in tate and durant. i wish we had nealon and butler still - experienced guys who loved saskatchewan, and always gave us a chance to win games.

if i was tillman i'd offer butler some sort of deal to get him back asap to have him here as a reliable back-up. we've never given butler a proper chance here and when we did it was against hamilton and a win vs them doesnt prove anything

the only QB i'm currently comfortable with on our roster is crandell. i'm hoping our improved receiving core can make crandell better than he actually is when he gets the call

the rest of our team i believe is in good shape

Rocky will be picked up by Edmonton. They don't have anyone who is a proven back up to Ray.

The Esks should go after Nealon!

SK. should get butler back and then trade him to Montreal or Edmonton if they want him, if not keep him. He is better than the 3rd and 4th stingers.

Let's sign him and trade him back to Hamilton for Corey Holmes!

Perhaps the Al's will pick him up, they've always been a QB injury away from last place.

Hamilton doesant need another QB

ur right, they need a miracle

I would have traded Keith instead of Holmes back when they did that.
Who did we get for holmes? Was it the 1sdt OTT draft or was it one of the recievers?
I forget.
Holmes is the man.

It was basically Kerry. And they offered Keith, but all they would take as Corey. In general, the fans got what they wanted in a “marquee superstar QB”. but even that wast good enough…

I was trying to be sarcastic, of course they don't need him they just released him :slight_smile:

I still think Kenton is a much better running back than Corey, just lacks that amazing attitude that Corey brings.

UnrealRiders Posted: Jun 28, 2007 - 07:04 AM

I don't see much of anything in tate and durant. i wish we had nealon and butler still

obvisouly ur not gonna see much in these guys. Durant has been a career 4th stringer and Drew Tate's performance reflected his experience, a raw rookie. However, it is time that the riders start developing one of these two QB's (perferably tate cuz he is more athletic and can make plays happen with his feet), cuz kerry is almost 34 and crandell is 33. So we are gonna need to start developing a rookie QB who can play when these guys retire.

Developing QBs in the CFL is very risky especially here on our club. If the QB turns out any good, chances are they won't stay here. look at Burris and Glenn. The calibur of team also makes a QB what he is and what he can do. A horrible team (Hamilton) has turned a guy like Jason Maas into one of the worst CFL starters to date after he is solely responsible for winning the GC with a good team (Edmonton)

at least in Butler and Greene we had guys who held respect for this province + talent that could and did win us games. getting rid of Butler was a very bad move especially as you said both of our other QBs are old now and both have suffered injuries the past seasons. heck Joseph has injured his knee and missed games every season even back in Ottawa he was getting injured. the games he was injured for were the games we actually won with flying colours. as a starter Joseph was 7-9 last year for us many of those wins being just barely or fluke as the one BC win was. some very fancy running plays from Keith were all we did in the playoffs. we lost Holmes for the worst CFl starter in the league. there was a reason Ottawa was 3-15 guys

if not Butler, then I believe Maas would be a good fit here with our strong team and good receiving talent + pass oriented offense. (well we could have a good pass oriented offense IF we had a passing QB because we sure have the receivers for it) it all just depends how he feels about playing here. he said Hamilton was the place to be but he is definitely regretting that now so anything can happen as it seems like the fans in Hamilton cannot wait long enough to see Maas cut