Butler announces retirement

per twitter, Cats announce Bulter as new Assistant Coach after 7 year career.

Hoping this is just a way to keep paying him and freeing up a roster spot while he heals up. (Fantuz situation?)

Either way, that's a HUGE blow to the rest of the season.

  1. I doubt that this is another Fantuz plan.

I said a couple of months ago when he was still on the IR, that he may never play again !!

Obviously the injury was too serious to come back from and he is unable to play at his high
level, despite trying to come back the last couple of games !!

Too bad for sure !!

And the season from HELL just gets better and better . :'(I honestly can't remember a season that has gone as badly as this season has gone so far for this team .....and the worse part is that we still have 10 long games to go before it mercifully comes to an end .

Butler was soooo good !

Butler and Fantuz' injuries show the importance of better drafting by the TiCats .Getting talented players when they are young and strong is better than picking them up in their later years football wise...

Perhaps, but the Curse has been strong for us at that particular position. Ever since Hitchcock's days ended, it's been a revolving door. Guys get career ending injuries or suddenly decide they want to be a firefighter.

Yup , Sandy Beveridge , from this............

to this.................... 8)


Getting them young is no guarantee either. Remember Dylan Barker?

Yeah, we really have had bad luck at that position, haven't we?

;D Well said!

Espo: I saw Butler in action and also how he interracted with his team-mates several times at practices 3-4 years ago. He seems to me like a pretty sharp fella. I hope he can progress up the coaching ranks and continue to contribute to the CFL in a big way.
Good luck to him.

I think picking up a National receiver that had a 100 catch season was a pretty good pickup

Boy this is a huge loss as we were thinking his return was close and would help the ratio and stregthen the safety position and overall defensive secondary.
Lots of bad news this season I have to say .

One thing is for sure . I

One thing is for sure . In the CFL you can turn around a team pretty quickly with management and coaching changes and qb changes . Just look how bright the Argos future now looks with Trestman and Popp running the show . Yes , they have an aging QB but they will likely get a good replacement. Right now the Argos look like a pretty good team on both sides of the ball . There are alot of good offensive lineman rated in the top 10 in the upcoming draft . I think the cats should try to get two first rounders to go with their likely #1 pick overall and draft 2 offensive linemen.
It also looks like a lot of ex cflers are getting cut from the NFL and we could use the chick money or Collaros and Butler money to grab a few to stregthen our weak areas like Aaron Grymes for example at defensive back a 2014 cfl all star that is tough . I imagine he will try to land with another nfl team first or end up on the practice roster you never know . I noticed too that Sinkfield is available as well and he has the same story .

I have heard someone mention that maybe they should raise the salary cap from 5 million . Anyone have any thoughts on that matter ? There might be some teams that cannot afford to do that or would choose not too while other could afford to . I think they should consider it as it would bring a better product and allow us to lure players back from the NFL a bit easier.

Or have a franchise player ..that doesn;t go against the cap ..like a doug flutiie type or Johnny manziel

I am seeing alot of guys retiring early from the CFL because it just doesn't pay enough . I am not sure why Girard and Archembeault and Olson and Butler all retired in a short period of time while they were still young and healthy.

Way to scoop that and state the obvious. We can all read ticats.ca. and twitter and 3downnation.

and yet, none of those outlets initiate discussion on the matter in this forum. You'll notice I also didn't start three new threads to announce Butler had retired after three other posters had already done so.

bye felicia :wink:

There's Felicia calling someone Felicia. ( I had to look that up because I'm not familiar with how 14 year olds talk). You are the one who started this whole thing by reading my posts and then being a dink about it with comments completely unrelated to anything but being a dick like a 14 year old would post.. Obviously you are very interested in what I am saying. If not, please stop trolling my posts. Enjoy the game. I'm done. You can get one more quick dig in and it's all good enjoy it as it will be the last. Oh, here's a sarcastic emoji like my daughter would add for good measure... ;D

So a Butler retirement is not thread worthy?
I almost fell off my chair when i first saw it in this thread.

ya know, upon further reflection, he's right, i feel like i let the forum down on this one.... sorry guys. my bad.

The key was getting "talented" players when they are young.