"But coach, he hit me in my nuts!!"

If you taped the game on TV, fast forward to check this part out. While I’m no fan of nut shots as a general policy, I must confess to being amused by the following:

Argo DL Jonathan Brown got DQ’ed after an altercation with some Ticat players. He was so steamed that he initially refused to leave the field. Pinball came over to convince him to leave. This wouldn’t be anything special, except that Brown had previously been miked for “CBC Sounds of the Game,? and the following conversation could be heard as plain as day on national television:

Jonathan Brown - “He hit me in my nuts!!?
Michael Clemons - Johnny!! Johnny, come ‘ere!! Hey Johnny!!
J.B. - “He hit me in my nuts!!?
M.C. - Johnny! Johnny! Johnny! Johnny!
J.B. - (turning to face the coach): Whaaaat!! (the way you’d say “Whaaaaat!!? to your mother if she was nagging you about personal grooming or something)
M.C. - “Johnny, you let the whole team down, man.?
J.B. - “But coach, he hit me in my nuts!!?
M.C. - Johnny! Johnny! Come back here!! Sssshhhh!!

…at this point, Clemons leaned over and whispered something to Brown, no doubt along the lines of “all of Canada can hear you referencing your nuts,? whereupon Brown finally sauntered off the field.

I guess a win would’ve been better, but seeing as it’s the first game of the year, I can settle for irate yet comical argos screaming about their abused groins.

I was watching the game on tv and couldn't believe that the CBC didn't cut to another camara But that was way too funny...."But Coach , He hit me in the nuts"

Clemmens also said to J.B. that he has the whole season to get even, Look for a real nasty game come August.

In water polo, that type of "injury" happens quite often. Trust me that it is quite audible when a player gets "squared". The referees attention is then drawn to the vicinity of the player who grunted, moaned, screemed, cried like a baby. The referee then watches to see if there is any immediate retaliation. If there is, then that player is usually penalized.

There are two ways to "get even" with the player that hit you:

  1. Wait a few plays/series, then hit him with everything you have got (cleanly).

  2. Win the game/battle (cleanly).

J.B. has to learn that.

i thought it was Eric England that was miked ? Was it England or Brown ?

Could have been a parabolic mike.

Why do I have the strange feeling that the next time I see borehamgirl I'm going to be uttering "She hit me in the nuts"? :o

...my mistake, I think it was England that was miked, so it must've just been the parabolic.


He is an Argo...he deserved it.

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

And here I was an advocate of more frequent posting by the 'Pope. That's a prime example of be careful what you wish for.

As to the mic incident my friend told me about it while I was on my way home. It was hilarious.

...I recall a long ago game wherein that old war horse Kerwin Bell scooted into the end zone for a touchdown and then attempted to spike the ball in a DB's face. However, the ball bounced up between his legs and connected flush with his own castanios, buckling his knees and turning his smug smirk into a grimace of agony. I recall an onlooker commenting "Where's your God now Bell?"

Earl and I were laughing SO hard watching that. He sounded just like a 5 year old trying to explain to his teacher why he was being bad. I don't condone cheap shots, and if a Ti-Cat intentionally took a cheap shot on him, that isn't ok. But him whining to Pinball as he was being forced off the field?? That was just FUNNY!!

The CBC will not necessarily cut out from references to "Certain parts of the body", unlike American broadcasters.

"But coach, he hit me in my nuts!!"

Perhaps this guy has never been on a line of scrimmage?

Chris Walby and the CBC crew handled this well, they just let us listen and enjoy.....

Walby remarked with a grin,"well no further explaination needed on this one"
touche :wink:

which leads to the question.... don't they wear cup's for a reason?

Football players don't wear cups.

I laughed till I cried. Too funny. I too, don't like cheap shots, but listening to Brown, offered up a much appreciated giggle.

BTW - I didn't know blue team players had nuts. I thought that they reproduced by fission - like all bacteria...

(Space Cadet, by Robert A. Heinlein is the reference)

Nice squirrel, but never mind being hit. This poor buggar looks like someone stole his Nuts. Yeeeeee ouch !!! There is none to be seen.

At least we know that he has good taste and has been trained properly !!! I wished I could have gotten the game up north but I couldn’t even find it on the radio :<(((( It would have been a hoot to hear him live.