Bustin' up Brink. The hit by Rod Davis

Well no news yet on whether Rod Davis will be fined or even suspended on his head shot to QB Alex Brink last Friday.
I figure he’ll get a fine at the very least. I’ve heard some rants for a game suspension or more. I’m not sure if I agree with a game suspension, but a fine yes.

The game moves at such a fast pace. In the blink of an eye or the difference of an inch or two is crucial. The refs never called a penalty on the play and Brink finished the game. It’s not like Davis said/tweeted “he was gonna knock his head off” before the game so malicous intent should not be in the equation. Plus I’m not sure if he is a repeat offender either.

There have been some nasty plays before. Recently buddy from BC clearly tried to snap/brake Rastellis arm after the play. :twisted: hmmnnnn…

I’m am an Alouettes fan but a CFL fan first and foremost. I hope the Commish does the right thing for the good of the league as a whole. But suspensions in our league need to handed out carefully. If Davis gets a suspension, just wait. Every hit on the QB anywhere close to the head will be argued. :roll:

You be the judge. Here is the link/clip.

[url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=YcC961hExuc]http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=pl ... cC961hExuc[/url]

The Commish must be carefull what he does here.

For better or worse, the flood gates may be opened.

Cheers and have a great evening all. :rockin:

when i saw the play live i really thought it was head to body. Only on the replay did I see the head to head. we got a break but so did they on a pass play to richardson that clearly should have been called interfernce. you take 'em where you can.

reminiscent of the calvillo fumble before the goal line at the 2003 east final. when you see it live it happened so fast the ref called it a TD but in very slow replay you see the ball come out before the goal line. that's how it goes.

Davis was actually fined last year for a hit on Pierce. I guess he doesn`t like Wpg. QBs.

[url=http://www.esks.com/article/rod-davis-fined-for-hit-on-buck-pierce]http://www.esks.com/article/rod-davis-f ... uck-pierce[/url]

A fine is absolutely in order. I also think that this play, whether "intended" (hard to define) or not must be abolished. From the Commissioner's point of view, there must be a standard and severe penalty, i.e. fine plus suspension. For repeat offenders, the fine and suspension increases dramatically. If that doesn't work, and a repeat offender does the same thing -three strikes and you're out!

Let's be clear - a helmet-to-helmet hit can and does cause severe injury. Players have to be trained how to hit. Further, a QB in a passing stance is very vulnerable and requires protection. The O-line will have breakdowns, so he must also be protected by the rule book against malicious hits. There could be mitigating curcumstances. For example, a QB may move a the last second in such a way that the hit by an attacking defender ends being a helmet-to-helmet, but this would occur purely by chance. However, most of the helmet-to-helmet hits I have seen were clearly intended by the attacker. This practise must stop and the league must deal with it severely. Would we like to see AC's illustrious career ended this way?

I think the rules are fine as they are. You just have to apply them. Like the intentionnal grounding or delay of game they never call. If a QB deliberately throws a ball out of bounds or short of the LOS when it is clear he will be hit or is pursued it should be called but they don't. AC avoids about 5 to 10 hits a game taking advantage of this. I am all for protecting the QB from intents to injure but not from contact.

In Davis case it it subjective, he clearly put his hands on Brink and put the front of his helmet right in the shoulder pads and the top of the helmet rode up as Brink reacted to the hit and the biggest hit he took to head was when is helmet hit the turf. Is it a penalty ? According to the rules no should it be ? Maybe.

What about the hit on Bowling where Stewart left his feet and speared him in right in the head with his helmet while Bowling was being stood up. Where is the outrage ?

As far as I know, deliberating throwing the ball out of bounds is not grounding or delay of game unless the throw falls short of the LOS. But someone with a more encyclopedic knowledge of the rules can correct me if I'm wrong.

In Davis case it it subjective, he clearly put his hands on Brink and put the front of his helmet right in the shoulder pads and the top of the helmet rode up as Brink reacted to the hit and the biggest hit he took to head was when is helmet hit the turf. Is it a penalty ? According to the rules no should it be ? Maybe.
Cuthbert and Suitor initially just thought it was a clean hit. It was only afterward that we were able to see that it was helmet to helmet. Should it have been called? Could easily have been. But it was a bang-bang play -- Davis was coming full speed at the QB and had no time to do anything but what he did.
What about the hit on Bowling where Stewart left his feet and speared him in right in the head with his helmet while Bowling was being stood up. Where is the outrage ?
No outrage because the Als are a dirty team, according to certain deluded fans of other teams who like to pretend their precious widdle franchise just can't catch a break from the Evil League Conspiracy to Favor the Alouettes. LOL.

Pour ma part, je crois que le le coup de Davis était intentionnel.

Davis fait partie de cette génération qui a appris à plaquer avec le casque. Il s'est baissé et a foncé sur Brink tête première. Il ne s'est pas relevé à la dernière seconde avant le plaqué pour le saisir avec ses bras, ses jambes en extension vers le haut pour le déloger et la tête sur l'épaule ou au-dessus de l'épaule. Il a maintenu sa trajectoire avec la tête qui menait directement à celle de Brink.

D'ailleurs, Davis a été gardé sur les lignes de côté pendant quelques jeux par la suite. Je crois que Trestman a voulu lui passer un message.

Ce n'est pas un cas aussi évident que celui de Butler sur Green l'an dernier, ou que celui de Cox sur Rob Bagg en 2009, mais il me semble que Davis n'a pas fait grand chose pour éviter le casque à casque.

À mon sens, il mériterait une amende. La seule raison pour laquelle il ne devrait pas y avoir de suspension, c'est que Brink n'est pas resté sur le terrain. Un peu comme pour Butler l'an dernier.

Parlant de Butler, j'ai remarqué qu'il a gardé cette mauvaise habitude de plaquer pour blesser, particulièrement avec le casque. Il vise la tête, les genoux, essaie de tordre les chevilles, etc. Pourtant, il n'a pas besoin d'être aussi salaud pour être un bon maraudeur.

Davis rotates with Ingram pretty regularly. It may just have been his turn to rotate out.

Deliberately throwing the ball out of bounds is a delay of game and is never called.

Really? Huh. They must really NEVER call it, because it happens so frequently that I've come to see it as part of the game. I don't have a problem with that non-call, though. Protect the QB, let him pitch it out of bounds if he's in trouble. He's giving up a down by doing so, so it's not like it's a free pass or any kind of positive result for his team (except for, in certain situations, stopping the clock and/or avoiding a sack and the attendant loss of field position).

I will have to look at it again but from what I saw. Davis had no intention of hitting Brink at all. His initial idea was to strip the ball from him and cause a turnover. Brink saw him or felt him and try to dump the ball to Simpson and Davis put both arms on Brink and then stuck his helmet right in the laces of his shoulder pads and drove him to the ground. He never left his feet and he clearly did not target the head.

Giving up a down as opposed to giving up field position. So the outcome is much different. I am not arguing the logic or strategic smarts of doing it. Just saying it isn't called but the rules are there. Every time you add rules you make the game more difficult to officiate and you take away from the players.

'Course, the outcome is different, but both are still bad outcomes. It's not like by pitching the ball away the QB has done something super-fantastic for his team. The loss of a down is pretty bad in just about any situation. In this case, the non-call doesn't make the game more difficult to officiate, because nobody ever calls it, so clearly the refs (and the QBs) are on the same page. No big deal IMO.

By the way, with the disappointment of Restelli never even making it through camp and Hunt getting cut a few games in, it's nice to see that one of our big FA signings, Rod Davis, is becoming an impact player. I'm very happy with what Rod is bringing to the table. He plays hard.

Hebert is also playing better each time out.

What is most impressive about Herbert is he is an ex-NFLer not above doing grunt work on special teams. He is tied for 3rd in league special team tackles, 2 behind leaders Townsend and Hurl.

He's always been a good ST player, so it's nice to see that trend continue. Cover teams seem to have marginally improved in recent weeks, though it's probably due in part to Whyte doing a better job punting for distance (he's still a terrible directional punter).

There should be some penalty against Davis for his blow to the head of Brink. I have been reading about the long term effects of repeated hits to the head. It might be impossible to really know this was the intent of Davis or not. Whatever, all such behavior must have consequences! This type of hit, even if accidental, should be penalized.

I'm not sure anyone should ever claim
To know someone's "intent"
It should be the purvue of whatever deity one believes in
And rest in his/her domain

That being said...
Such a vicious hit
HAS to be stopped
And punished

Deterence is the only tool the league has
The "intent" will be to avoid the severest punishment
The league can possibly apply
Until the game is rid of such brutality

Davis has been fined an undisclosed amount by the league. I`m fine with that.

To me in a situation like the Davis/Brink one, there is such rapid movement that even if Davis wanted to connect with his helmet it is a difficult thing to do. It seemed purely accidental.