Busted up defence...

Smith and Logan are both expected to be out this week. Guess it'll be Hopkins in for Smith and probably Brown for Logan?

Any word on Suber? Sure hope he's able to come back this week.

This will be a good 'character' game for the Blue & Gold...see what they're made of. First game on the road, missing some defensive starters, and a Ticat team in a bad mood...

Still...if our Offence continues on it's current clip, we should be just fine.

Quite a few roster decisions coming for next week. With Logan and D. Smith likely out, will need to replace both of those, make room on the active roster for Doggett. And if Howell, who seems to be on the field practicing today, is signed as likely a returner/backup reciever will need to make room for him as well.

Also, I thought Daryl Stephenson was moved to the 1 game IR, but I don't see him listed on the bomber roster anymore.

wouldn't mind seeing a change in the ratio deployment with the injuries. With Smith out on the Dline, does Hopkins, whose listed as a DE on the roster, move inside to play DT? Or do they rotate a couple of NIs in there (Oduwale and Oramasionwu) which would allow them to start an extra import elsewhere such as the safety spot? Maybe put in Suber or Hicks in at safety. If they stick with NI at safety that will be Brady Browne I think, but who backs him up there if he gets hurt? Gallant?

stephenson is listed on bluebombers.com roster on the 1 game ir. so is arthur still but.. he's there.

i used the roster on the CFL site, guess their's isn't quite up to date then

Last night he wasn't listed on the roster at the Bombers website either. They fixed it when they added Doggett, Howell and Beasley.

I'm loving how this regime cuts bait.

Dogget, Howell & Beasley in, Arthur out.

some bad news for the day tho

dorian smith out 4-6 weeks with knee injury, logan out for hamilton game with hamstring injury

[url=http://www.cjob.com/Channels/Bombers/Story.aspx?ID=1251722]http://www.cjob.com/Channels/Bombers/St ... ID=1251722[/url]

.....OUCH"""" busted-up and badly broken......we are hurtin""""??? :thdn:

apparently a kid named moton hopkins will be playing in d smiths spot along with donny O. apparently this hopkins kid is pretty impressive. Guess we will see.

also said howell will likely be starting friday aswell, not starting but on the active roster.

brady browne will be starting at safety apparently. good move i think.

glover,stewart,suber,jovon.kent (should be our db's)

this beasley kid they just signed, they are apparently trying him out at the s.a.m. lb spot.

good coverage guy they say with speed, can return kicks. but more than likely will be pr'd for a little while.

injuries suck but all teams gotta deal with them. i guess its better to get them at the start of the year when its not nearly as important as weeks 16 18.. 20 :stuck_out_tongue:

games againt divisional opponents.. always important. we are 1-1 against the division. montreal is 0-0. tdot is 1-0. ham is 0-1. this games an important game actually when u think about it.

we could go 2-1 vs the east.. ham could go 0-2 vs the east.

when u play them so much in such a little time, ALL GAMES ARE IMPORTANT. our series with hamilton is done week 7 i believe. in the next 5 weeks, we play hamilton 3 times. These games are important.