Bussey released


Interesting move, he seen the field quite a bit this season . perhaps Bowman is ready to return :cowboy:

Wow! Kinda surprised. Guess he's probably injured & they need to whittle down their SMS #'s.

Tough biz.

Just checked roster and Bussey has been removed from it,Lauther is back on roster though from p.r.????Must be more to this than meets the eye,why delete an imp. L.B and replace them on the roster with another kicker??? Means that roster is one Cdn over and one imp under the ratio.Looking at the I.L. we currently have 6 players listed(not including McGee)
Figuero looks like a go to play this game,Ellingson and Simmons are not,leaving Webb,Breaux and Bowman left.My guess is that Bowman comes on to replace Bussey,Figs replaces Spelling and either Webb or Breaux replace Harris who was injured last game.The depth chart will be very interesting for this game.We'll just have to wait and see who gets juggled where and who the coach's decide will be on the game day 46.With the team looking like they're going back to imp OT's
(Diles/Figuero)once again,it'll mean another imp deletion somewhere else in the line-up.

I see the following back in :

Figueroa replaces Spelling (Spelling to PR )
Bowman replaces Bussey ( Bussey cut )
Simmons replaces Dile ( Dile on roster but doesn't dress )
Webb replaces Hobbs or Davis ( Hobbs or Davis on roster other goes to PR )
Breaux replaces Harris ( Harris to injury list )

Figueroa and Simmons start at tackles
Webb plays strong side half over Hobbs
Murray moves over to strong side corner replacing DAVIS
Breux replaces Murray at short side corner
Hobbs likely dresses as back up DB
Bowman dresses backup LB

Interesting that the release, on the releases, refers to Bussey's "5 appearances," as he was dressed for 9 games. Did he just watch 4, in uniform, without ever getting on the field? Add in the 5 games he was a Reserve and the 2 he was listed as injured and he got 16 games cheques for appearing in just 5 games.