Business As Usual: The Bombers touch down at GC109

The Winnipeg Blue Bombers touched down for Grey Cup week and immediately announced what they seem to always announce; That is that this is a game just like any other game.

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This game is different: win or lose there are no more games until next season. Last year's Grey Cup was terrifically exciting; may there be a repeat in 2022. A really great game. :football: :football: :football:


For the life of me, can't imagine any better feeling than winning a championship. The Blue Bombers are always so well prepared and they have players that truly understand what it takes to win. It certainly takes a commitment to be the best player you can be but in return, you and your teammates are Champions for life. And, if there is anything that feels better than winning at any competitive sport, it might be that bond you have forever with those teammates you battled all year long with.