Bush Signs in Winnipeg

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Bombers look 'great': new halfback Bush

Sun Feb 18 2007

By Ed Tait of the Winnipeg Free Press

THE Winnipeg Blue Bombers didn't wait long to fill the void in their secondary left by the departure of Stanford Samuels.

And they sure didn't have to look too far.

The Bombers have signed defensive halfback Davin Bush (5-foot-8, 165; Central Florida), a capable and consistent member of the Saskatchewan Roughriders' air defence over the past six years.

"The Blue Bombers are a great team," said Bush Saturday from Florida. "I thought they were just a few plays away from going to the championship game.

"It's a plus for me to go there. It's a good team and so there won't be a lot of pressure on me to go in there. I can just do what I do: make plays. They already have a good defence and they play the same kind of defence as Saskatchewan."

Bush has missed just three games in the last four years and can play both corner and halfback. Many Bomber fans remember him being scorched by Milt Stegall, but that was the lowlight in what has been a solid career.
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"He got burned by Milt in that one game, but ever since then he's become a very consistent player," said Bomber GM Brendan Taman. "I tried to get him two years ago when he was free."

Ironically, Bush and Samuels are both from Davie, Fla. and have known each other for years. Bush is 29 while Samuels is 26.

"That is weird how it ended up," said Bush. "But the way I look at it, it's just business."

MORE ANGER: Mike Abou-Mechrek wanted to finish his career in Southern Ontario. Instead, he's headed further west from Winnipeg to Saskatchewan.

"I've never made it a secret that I wanted to play in either Toronto or Hamilton," said Abou-Mechrek.

"I'm less than 25 minutes from Ivor Wynne Stadium and the Argos practise at the end of my street and you hang a left. But I've been snubbed by these two teams for nine years now. They're my new Montreal. I never wanted Montreal to ever win a game... now Hamilton and Toronto are my new Montreal."

LEFTOVERS: Taman has spoken to the agent for free agent LB Ike Charlton and the two parties will continue talks. Winnipeg has also made inquiries about Calgary DB Pascal Masson, although he is said to be leaning toward the Alouettes.


Dam all Good DB's are Gone

What the Heck is Marcel Doing????

weak, i thought for sure we would have signed 1 of those good db's, thats weak marcel! u bet he spent all his money on mckay, dumbbbbbbbbbbb now jus sign carl kidd already we need a LB n we all know it

well so much for Bush being the best FA DB left after samuels and morgan...I really wanted the cats to pick him up...5 ints last season was more than any of our DBs, he would have really fit in here nicely...oh well, who can we get sign next? or do we wait to draft someone?

Personally…I don’t think db’s are our biggest problem…aside from Shaw,who s*&%s, are db’s are actually quite good…
I think our ends and linebackers are our weak area on the defense.
Replace Shaw and our db’s will be just fine.

Right now at this time none of the FA are that good ..


I would not sign any of them..

our DB's might not be the 'first priority' but we still need to pick up at least one more good DB...we already traded Goss, and I believe that Airabin Justin is a free agent and could walk away from the ticats (he is not listed on the roster) so those are two big holes to fill...I know we had a couple guys that looked good last season but that was one season...it would have been a lot better to bag on of these free agent Db's but its too late now...IMO we still need another DB or two to compete in training camp to give us the best defensive secondary lineup possible

Samuels, Morgan, and Bush are the best 3 DB's on that list and all three have been taken...so it looks like if we are going to try and upgrade DB's then its going to be from down south and/or draft picks

Yeah, You guyz could go after ike charlton he played DB and hes solid or you could inquire winnipeg about a trade for perhaps malveak ( spelling) bean, or evans

Just a thought :smiley:

the cats have lead the league in most passing yards allowed for the last two years.Why would we want to improve we are already the best in the country

I think we have the ability at this point to do even better in leading the league for a third year.
Releasing a couple of "D" ends in Cheatwood and Cotton should allow the opposing QB just a little more time.
3 time champions, sounds like a dynasty!!

You guys forget that Kavis Reed was a TERRIBLE defensive coach and that our defense kept us in the game a few times when we really shouldn't have been.

I think we've got the talent, now we need the coaching.

Look at our secondary: Young Cody Gauthier Gordon Bradley

That is not a bad secondary.

Also, do you really want anyone in the 'Peg's secondary? Their pass defense was not that great last year. You people assume that just because a player started on another team last year that they are better than what we have.

Does anybody think the former Howard University player
the Ticats have signed who was a 3 time CFL All-Star
at defensive back with the Edmonton Eskimos click here
might inspire our present D-Backs to greater things?


I see that Pseudo might think so.

However he is pretty far off the mark
on Winnipeg's pass defense last year.