Bush League? WTH!!

So I always like to see stories concerning the CFL from the viewpoint of our neighbours to the south and I especially like reading the comments section. Yesterday was a great example of CFL news reaching the US with the implementation of the no-contact practice thing. This story appeared in ESPN, Profootball Talk, Bleacher Report, etc.

The articles themselves were good but it's the comments section that usually drives me nuts.
One person's comment simply said "Bush League" and of course it came from a user that goes by the handle 'joetoronto' (imagine that, a T.O. person ragging on the CFL). Also, someone on another site called the CFL the Little Girls League. I was thinking of replying but then I'd have to become a member and it was just too much hassle. My question to you guys is do any of you ever retort to schmucks like joetoronto or do you think it's just not worth your time (ie) you'll never change their mind anyway?

What I don't understand is some of these people will cheer for these athletes when they're in college but once they wind up in the CFL they're considered to be in a "Little Girls League." Frustrating.

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I for one am absolutely shocked that someone from Toronto would say something negative about the CFL. Its almost as if they have an inferiority complex, and crave all things USA.

In other shocking news, there is oxygen in the air; repeat, there is oxygen in the air.

Just treat the CFL as a fine product that you are fortunate to enjoy and don't worry about those who cannot or choose not to appreciate it. Haters gonna hate.


A rookie poster calls the League "Bush". Surprise, surprise.

Let's let this thread die, boys. Either that or, hopefully, the mods will shut it down.

He is not calling it a bush league. He however seems genuinely surprised that whenever a positive article comes up there always someone that posts negative ****. Feel free to send my blog link to any of those CFL bashers, let them post smack at my site and I will just give it back two fold.

I mostly just ignore them. There's that saying that it's better to be thought an idiot, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt. Let them bask in their own stupidity, they look bad for it without anyone else's assistance.

Huh? TBH, I don't care but I hope the regular posters let this thread die because we have seen this kind of thing a million times and there is no need to reply/post.

So what if it is?

It’s a fun league.

All of it’s quirks and oddities make it a fun league.

Did you even read the post?

Yes. And I've read a hundred just like it. Surprisingly, they always come from new posters. Again... whatever.

But the new poster isn't calling the CFL bush league. He's defending it. It's a totally valid thread.

I use to Troll. I was damn good at it! And, rule number 1 of trolling, you cannot be obvious.

I remember, at the HF Board, I started a thread called "In Defense of U.S.A. Hockey". Of course, no one dumped on USA hockey more than me.

The mods got smart and shut it down.

Anyway, we are making it worse by bumping this thread so believe what you want.

Actually if correct, this would not be a shock to me.
You have to live in this city to appreciate how US/NFL wannabe it has been and continues.
Not to mention the CFL bashing, which again would not surprise me if this came from a Rogers/Sportsnet connection?

To me the word "bush" probably means those not willing to put in full effort, laggards, lazies, incompetents, cowards, shies & double-crossers!

Other than a few cowards smattered over the 100+ year proud history of the CFL I would never call our league bush. Nor would I call any brand of football including youngsters ball from ages 7-12 and then the various levels of bantam, intermediate, high school, college and professional football.

I particularly admire folks who put their health on the line for zero moneyto entertain others.
If nothing else, their self-sacrifice builds their souls and prepares them for life.
Some go onto the professional game - or professional college ball in USA.

Are there bush aspects to football? Certainly, the CFL has had its fair share - but the NFL has far more bush incidents, wife-beatings, child-beaters, violence, intimidation, bullying, etc.

I even remember (strange for a Manitoban) the old days of the Bramalea Satellites and the London Lords (an Ontario senior football league that ran in the 1960s to late 70s in Ontario and spawned quality senior football (St. Vital Bulldogs from Winnipeg) where players not quite at the CFL level (some were actually better) played for the LOVE OF THE GAME. YES, THATS THE TICKET - LOVE OF THE GAME - WHY WE WATCH - WHY WE BOTHER . . . and those brave soldiers who play for the love of the game, both north and south of the border and in spawning leagues around the world are to be admired.

Yes, there's some bush-league broadcasting that I don't understand is allowed to exist in this day 'n age but for the most part - THE FOOTBALL IS VERY GOOD, THE GAME IS GREAT - THE FUTURE IS ALWAYS PROMISING.

Frank confession - when I heard the term "Little Girls League" I laughed out loud. That's funny. The first few images that came to mind: 1. Johnny White-Shoes, 2. Jeff Reinbold being rag-dolled by Adam Rita's little finger, 3. Jay Cutler, 4. The Cornish Game Hen, 5. Rod Black

So what are you doing?

Sad. Not really much else to say, that you automatically assume that this is a troll. He is commenting about the replies from a ESPN posting. That fact of the matter is that what he is saying about the constant need for someone to post stupid **** on a positive CFL article is true. It happens all the time and I wrote my blog about that very subject as my generic response to all those bashers. Maybe I should write one about the CFL fan that assumes that a posting like this one is in actuality nothing more than a troll to bash the CFL using stealthy techniques.

KevinRiley2, I'm surprised at your response as I usually find your comments to be well thought out. I have been reading this forum since 2005 and only recently set up an account so I can make the odd comment. The reason why I don't comment much is because of exactly what you just did, attack the poster.

I have been going to CFL games since 1979 when I was 7 and have been a season ticket holder for the Riders since 1988, yes almost 30 years now (hard to believe). I have lived in Calgary for the past 12 years but still have my Rider season tickets, it's just my way of supporting the team - I get to maybe one or two home games a year. Please re-read my original post and explain to me how I was trolling? I will admit your point that my topic is a tired old subject but then again so is 50 or so some odd pages of Argos attendance issues... I will continue to read the forum but again, this is why I rarely post.

The majority of people on here understand what your saying. Perhaps your title could have been thought out a little better as most readers already form an opinion before reading the actual words. Please take the time to read my blog on football bashers I know you will enjoy it. I am as intrigued by those that need to bash this league for no good reason as you show through this posting. I have dealt with these kinds of people on forums all over the place for many many years.