I am so tired of watching important games getting decided by refs that have to be betting on games THat was not holding that edmonton got called on Edmonton Got ROBBED!!!!!!

CFL refs are by far the worst officials in all of sports...As long as their superiors defend their calls and refuse to admit that mistakes have been made we will be stuck with this group of moronic idiots...

Just to be clear, what part wasnt holding? The part where Mauer's arm was across the Rider shoulder? or the part where he forced him to the ground?

Umm the part that that was perfectly legal and if you watched the remainder of the game u would see that I am right specially with the commentators if the refs are gunna get that picky with calls then there is holding on every play

knight8412 your right the refs blew the call...

The commentators... now thats classic. I dont know whats worse, CFL Officiating or CFL Broadcasts.

And another thing, im tired of the "theres holding on every play" comment everytime a broadcaster (namely Suitor) doesnt like a call. He didnt have to hold, he did.

Ok Crash I heard Lenscrafters is having a sale on special football glasses while supplys last you better hurry up and get there because your gunna have to fight of Jake Ireland to get your pair

Looks like us Esks are joining the Ticats as the second team out of GC contention this year....

All alternatives considered, I think Esks fans are likely to say 'go Riders' from here on out.

Montreal must be happy after that call, it just guaranteed them the last playoff spot.


I'm glad no one is suggesting that the refs decided the outcome of the game. The game wasn't even close.

An Argo-Cat fan

Its getting down right embarassing now!Its hard to care any more about the cfl!

TSN showed the replay from two angles ....one where they showed the lineman clearly putting up both arms to hold off two rushing Riders.

It looked like the official who made the call had a clear view but from behind ,so when the O lineman put out both arms ,both up high on Riders shoulders it was a holding call.

The Esk O lineman just didn't perform the blocking move properly and was called.

Just like the Argos last week when they were called for holding against Montreal more than usual after Montreal complained to the league about all the holding on kicks involving Toronto.

We on his forum have always said the Argos hold more than anyone else on kick returns!!

Maybe this call last night was a result of that same letter to the league from Montreal regarding holding and lack of calls?

To me it was unfortunate for the Esks who I was cheering for (anyone but Flick) sure ,reminisent of the Ti-Cats season where calls ruin drives,but we mostly deserve them....(?)

What is strange is hearing the lineman say it is something that is never called ,well maybe times are a changing?

It was holding and a call by one of the best officials in the CFL ...

Too bad because if the Esks win they are headed for a crossover palyoff spot ..."almost" garanteed as the Als next two games are tough ones they most likely would have lost without AC and the Esks play Ti-Cats next week so the result of that game was almost a given ,but now we might have a chance of winning since it means zip.

Good call Andre! :cowboy: