Bush a Bumber

It's official! Davin Bush has signed a 2 year contract with the Winnie Blue Bombers. Morgan still negotiationg with the Riders and Eskimos. The riders will be ripe for the picking now as it seems they going to to loose both players and be playing with an empty secondary. Look for them to place last in the west as Burris and other quarterbacks in the league will pick them apart. :cowboy:

where did you get this info from?
can i have a link

Do you have a link for this? I checked cfl.ca, slam.canoe.ca, tsn.ca, sportsnet.ca, the score.ca, and the Blue Bombers site and it says nothing about this signing. Is this just a rumor?

I hope it's not, we can't lose Bush, if we do we can't lose em both, then our Corner Backs are...well not Davin and Omarr filled.

Bush had a one good year and the rest were just average, I never did feel comfortable having a Dwarf run around our backfield, but his experience was an asset, because of that I feel ET must and will sign Morgan......GO RIDERS

Has agreed "in principle to an offer", only needs to sign the contract. Apparently the Bombers put forth the strongest and most consistent offer.

  • Also of note in the article is Andrew Greene will re-surface in either Winnipeg or Toronto

I Looked at the free agent signings on TSN and there is nothing listed on those two so I think it might be a rumour.Also is there any word on Jason Clermont being traded to Sask and what would
be coming back to the Lions

the title says BUMER :lol: not bomber

and then again 8) isnt that the same thing? :smiley:

found info in the edmonton sun

im no longer saying grey cup champs in 07. these last couple weeks have been the worst in my life. The loss of nate then davin and now omar.. this year we shot our selves in the foot before the season even started. so now that r d-fence has gone from the best to the worst what we gonna do now??? alll i gotta say is if this shit keeps up im taking tillman out.

i blled green but with all the wounds weve sustaind in the last month ive just about bled to death
God please help us

We should have just made a high offer to one of them (most likely Omar Morgan) that no one else could match to guarantee that we would have one of them back for next season. Now, by the sounds of it, we won't have either of them back and are now in quite a predicament on the defensive side of the ball. With NFL cuts still to come I will wait a bit before judging how good our secondary will be next year.

well training camp hasnt started and already we call for tillmans head. haha you people make me laugh so. just hold your horses here. you cant expect a team like ours to bring all those expensive players back, especially the way the cap will be inforced this year. not if your also paying an average qb more than hes worht. hopefully joseph will bounce back this year. but as far as nate goes, he hasnt signed with anyone else and wasnt told never to come back. hes too expensive, hes old and his back is screwed. everyone knows that, but hes welcome back, just not for what he was makin last year. andrew greene, same deal, damaged goods. if you people disliked the previous "regime" so much, i dont understand why letting these players go hurt you all so much

Do you think the cap matters that much? Honestly, if the riders were in the top 2 in spending last year while still making money, then they can afford to go over the cap. It is not a hard cap like it is in the NFL. The Riders could easily afford to pay the penalties that come if they went over...

Besides the yare going tocut a few of those receivers, they wont pay all of them...

well i wouldnt say we could easily afford penalties, and why in the first place would you want to pay penalties. i know its not a huge deal like the nfl, but this more than any it will be. and rest assured that if were over it, well be all over ourselves. where as possibly in other centres like edmonton or calgary, it`ll just get swept under the matt

im going to boo bush and morgan when the play against ssk

why... You cant blame them for leaving really... Omarr got a $745,000 deal!!!

it's not all about the money its the love for the team and money was more important to them