Bus Trip to Toronto for Argos Game !

The Cats Claws fan club is organizing a road trip to Thursday's game in Toronto. The bus will leave at 5:30 p.m. from Eastgate Square in front of Sears and the cost is $55, including game ticket. For more information, call Carol Rose at 905-664-6117 or email crose2@cogeco.ca.

One bus has been filled and the second bus is selling fast. Dont wait too long, Carol needs to know sooner rather than later !

Don’t tell me what to do!!!

If you don't want to or cant take the bus you can always jump on the Go train and WagJag has a ticket offer. This actually works out cheaper and you don't need to rush back to the bus.


There working on the 3rd bus :thup:

How many people are on a bus?
Its nice to know we will have some pretty good support going down there tomorrow.

When I have gone, they use school buses which seat 40-45. They usually get enough to fill a row or two, maybe more. Nothing significant though.

I highly recommend going, stress free ride, and lots of fun. Wish I could make it tomorrow.