Bus trip to Ottawa

Just giving a heads up on an epic chance to road trip it to Ottawa on the last game of the year! Last night at Maxima tours there were only a few seats left to travel to the Redblacks game with the box J Boys!

This is funny...Google Maxima Tours and it says something like.... Mature Adult Group Travel in Hamilton.
Not what is in store on this trip!

How many seats are left?

Not sure, you'll have to call Maxima.



Any idea where the Boys will be sitting? I picked up a couple of tickets this week for that, game right behind our bench. About a dozen seats in row 3 were available. Just wondering if these were tickets that the tour company had reserved and released. That would be cool. Give me a chance to meet the infamous Box J Boys. :smiley:

Not sure what the view is like from that low, but I'm going more for the experience of being "in the action". I'll be recording the game to watch later. Might even see myself in the crowd.

This could be a great game, earlier in the season I think most people were thinking that this could be a nothing game with the Ticats resting a lot of starters. It could be a first place showdown.

Hey all!!

So where do most Ticats fans sit when they go to Ottawa!? We will most likely be making the trek on November 7th to watch the game but not too sure where to buy our seats. Also is there anywhere that the cats fans gather before the game for tailgating or drinks at a bar? Anyone know where the bus trip people would be going?


We're pre - gaming at the Hometown Sports Bar 1525 Bank street and sitting in section XX!

Do you have a shuttle for getting from the bar to the game? And if so, would you have an extra seats on it? :slight_smile:

As I mentioned earlier, I got a couple of seats behind the Ticats bench (section U, I think), so not that close to you. But it would be fun to meet up with other Ticat fans before the game.

Contact Jason Allan at Maxima tours Hamilton re shuttle bus

Why so far away from the stadium, that’s down near Heron Road, it’s 3km from the stadium?? there are all kinds of bars and restaurants in the stadium precinct area and on Bank ST

Is there space for 200 people to eat and drink for 2hrs before the game?

200 people?? that many going? I'm sure the bars and restaurants around Lansdowne will be full of Ottawa football fans, 2 hours before the game so it would be difficult to get 200 in a bar around the stadium

Exactly. That's why the tour provider pre arranges these things.

So I called Maxima Tours and they referred me to a ticket rep in Ottawa about getting group tickets with the bus trip. I was able to buy 2 tickets!!! Super excited to get to see a game in Ottawa! See you all at the pre-game party!!!!

Hello everyone!

I know the rules of the forum with regards to selling tickets on here but this is quite the unique situation.

I called Maxima tours and bought 2 tickets for the Redblacks game in Ottawa against the ticats, sitting with all the other ticats fans in section X who are on the bus trip. We're driving up ourselves and wanted to sit with all the other cats fans! Problem is, I just got a call from the Tiger Cats head office and turns out I won a trip to Ottawa with them which includes tickets to the game! Now I have 2 extra tickets to sell. I know there is stubhub and kijiji but I wanted to give first crack at these tickets to cats fans seeing as how the seats are in 'cats territory' in section X. I dont want to make money or anything. Just face value. If anyone is interested, send me a message!

If this still isn't allowed even after this unique situation, mods, delete this post and I will post the tickets on stub hub. Heaven forbid, redblacks fans buy them! HAHA!

When you look at the "rules" that are posted at the top of the forum list and the abuse that takes place without the mods doing anything about it, I don't think selling tickets is a very serious breach.

Very true... not like im trying to make money either. :stuck_out_tongue: Hope a cats fan can buy them!