Bus Trip To Game Cancelled !!!!!!

8) In case anyone did not see the announcement above, tomorrows bus trip to the Argo game has been cancelled due to lack of response !!!!
 I think the same thing happened last year and the trip was cancelled.  Boy, in the old days those trips were sold out on a regular basis !!!  

 I hate to think what the attendance might be at our next home game against Regina if we get embarrassed again tomorrow night in Toronto !!!   <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

Ticat fans are getting sick of the continual losing and it feels ten times worse sitting in that crappy stadium watching the Argos lay a beating on us. I don't blame any fan for not wanting to go there. Hopefully, the 'Cats can turn it around tomorrow night and give us something to feel good about for a change.

Well, for those that were set on going, a couple of us are taking the train to TO for the event. I will admit I have never seen the Cats play in Toronto - actually, I have never seen a football game in Toronto, so I for one am looking forward to seeing the ball from the other side of the field.


We used to send thousands to toronto games and now hardly any. Gonna take some wins for this to be a rivalry again. Toronto whined to the league to change the schedule this year and not have us back to back after labor day, the league gave them their wish. I hope when the cats are strong again we get the back to back again. The edmonton-calgary ones are always full of emotion.

:lol: :lol: Can't even fill one bus with Diehards that is baddddd boys and girls :thdn:

Coming from someone who didn't miss a Cats game against the Argos at Skydome for over 10 years until last season, I'm not sure I can blame anyone and I'm not surprised.

I personally won't be going back until we are a little more respectable on the field. I've been embarrassed one too many times. (This is just the truth, not trying to take a shot at anyone.)

Well, I'm going.

Pregame party at my house!

See July 3rd Pregame Party thread for details!


The year - 2012 (or thereabouts)

The team - The Southern Ontario Tigernauts (or Argocats)

The stadium - Tailgait Field (someplace in the GTA) - capacity - 35,000 (expandable to whatever)

There is also a tailgate in the parking lot at the SW corner of Bremner and York. Bremner is the street that runs E-W between the dome and ACC. Go to the SW corner of the parking lot.

I suppose that's one good thing about the NFL coming to the Rogers Centre, if it works and people are shown on TV going nuts and that, they can't say that football in the Rogers Centre doesn't work unless the Riders are playing there with their fans sort of thing who are just nuts of course as we saw with the Grey Cup. No excuses then.

Well For me it would be Crazy to Catch Bus into Hamilton to get another Bus to Toronto.

When I can Catch The Go Train go
Right From Burlington to go to Toronto

I think the last couple times I went to see the Cats play, they never advanced past the Argos 40 yard line.

I, too, remember when sections and sections of Cat fans would be there.

Actually, the playoff game when Marshall was coaching was pretty intense...off the field anyway.

I am a fan and have been a season ticket holder for 20 years. It was hard not to participate this year but i had to. I was told years ago that this organization would flourish. My investment for the past three years has been in the thousands. Investment you ask? Thats right, i spend my money and expect a return. Until the cats turn whats on the field around, i am abstaining. The return? Winning. It's simple.

Don't worry folks if this keeps up we won't have a team anymore :cry: :thdn:

Good for you Tom! Way to stick it to ‘the man’.

Now that we got all that activism started in you, I think its time to direct your energy towards something a little more substantial. How about global warming, Darfur, or poverty?

Who's the 'man'?
and yes i have activated my activism. Got it and do it. I was filming recently doing a documentary overseas regarding world poverty. Thanks for the suggestion whoknows.

It`s an absolutely terrible place to watch a game !!!!

We've downsized our expensive season tickets to less expensive ones, trying to get the house paid off. Now would we have kept our more expensive ones if the Cats were winning and there was so much excitement with the team, stadium packed every game etc.? Don't know.

I spend my money and do get a return, the return is a night out at the stadium which I love and watching a team that while pathetic at a lot times lately I admit, sill is worth it to go to the games since they are trying to win. But our team stinks right now but I know the owner and whole team is trying to win. I will continue to support my team as long as they are trying, unfortunately a lot of the other teams are very good in this league.

Well said !!!!