Bus Trip T.O. June 17th

The Cats Claws Fan Club will be having a bus trip for the Game on Saturday June 17th. We are trying to get 10 Buses. Price is $35. for members and $40. for non members. This is for your bus trip and Ticket into the Game. The Buses will leave from behind Sears at the Centre Mall at 1P.M. sharp. Please call Carol @905-664-6117 Pat @905-383-0806 Eva @905-385-5943 or Pat&Bob @905-545-9923 Lets show the Argos who really are the best Fans. Go Cats Go. pat_cat [Pat] :rockin:

I've already got my spot set, just need to sort out paying. I really hope we can get a large crown there to watch the Cats go 3-0.

There are only nine days left for the Bus Trip. We have one Bus almost full already. Call for further info. Have a great day. pat_cat

Hi pat cat,

ticatpat here.....Can't take the bus, but I have four fans coming in for the game. We're taking the train from Chatham. Any chance we could just buy four tickets off you so we can sit near the faithful? If so how much? If so, how much, and can I meet you at the game tomorrow to pay you and get the tickets off you?



Are you going on the Bus for the game on the 17th to watch us beat the Argos when it really counts? Only 6 days left. pat_cat :? :?

I have my own tickets could I pay a price just for the bus!? :rockin:

is it bus for there and back??

Be sure to stop by the Argofans tailgate on Bremner just East of the Argodome!

See you there!

its 40 bucks and lots of fun. ive gone on it a lot.
bus usually leaves centre mall 2 hrs and leaves t.o about half hr after game

Only 3 days left. We have two buses almost full. I thought everyone would want to see us beat the Argos when it counts. Come on lets show T.O. we have the greatest fan support. pat_cat :? :?

Can't make it this weekend, but now that I know about these bus trips, friends and I will definitely be up for it in the future!

You have this morning to still get on the bus. Just call as we will be picking up the tickets to-day. pat_cat :thup:

We have put a third Bus on for T. O. Don’t miss out. It is a great Father’s day gift if you have’t got one yet. We will be taking call to-night. Call Us. Carol 905-664-6117 Pat 905-383-0806 Eva 905-385-5943 or Pat&Bob 905-545-9923 pat_cat :thup: :thup: