bus trip for season opener to toronto?

Saying we open the season against the argos in toronto this year, I was wondering if anybody knows if the team or the cats club will be or have put together a bus/ticket package for the june 28th season opener game. Lets fill the rogers centre with black and gold , even more then we always do! oskee wee wee!

The Cats Claws puts on a bus trip to Toronto, they will advertise it if they do. The Cats usually have a meet at the GO Station and head down to Jack Astors on John St. in Toronto then to the Game. It's a little early for the announcement.

Id recommend the GO over a buss trip, and I plan on being there with a bunch of Cats fans.

Why do you recommend that? Any particular reason? The experience? The cost? The value? Something else?

I'll give you my reason, every time I have ever either attempted to drive or take the bus to an Argonaut game, I have missed almost the entire first quarter because of traffic, every time. The GO bus has no traffic to deal with, no rush hour, no looking/paying for parking, no issues going home sloshed (apart from having to catch the last train around 1ish). If you try leaving for a seven o'clock game, if you aren't on Spadina exit ramp by 6, you ain't gonna make it and if you don't leave the Hammer at 4:00 you are rollin' the dice.

Multiple reasons, I have a buddy with a condo dt TO so im only going one way now but even in the past I just preferred it because it gave me flexibility with when I came and left.


REMINDER - the Club is running a Trip 'n' Ticket bus trip to the Tiger-Cats vs. Argonauts football game in Toronto:

DATE: Friday, June 28th/2013
DEPART: 5:30 p.m., Eastgate Square (S-W corner near Wimpy's)
COST: $55.00/person, includes game ticket and bus
CONTACT: Carol Rose at 905-664-6117 or crose2@cogeco.ca

Come out and cheer for our Tabbies! Relax on the bus instead of fighting traffic and searching for a parking spot (distant or expensive)! The bus lets us out right across the street from the Rogers Centre's main entrance and leaves half an hour after the game to bring us home.

Please book your seat early so we'll know how many buses to reserve. Many thanks for your enthusiastic response!


Well based on the fact that I looked on the Argo website and most tickets between the goal lines are $100 each i'd say that's one hell of a deal the Cat's Claws group have going on.

I don't think I can afford to go see the Cats play at Rogers Center this year at those prices (box office not Cats Claws)

I thought you were exaggerating, but I checked on Ticketmaster and my goodness you weren't.

How do they expect to get people into the seats this year with prices like that?

Wow, I thought I might grab a couple of cheap tickets, the GO and take my son but not at those prices TSN it is. Crazy prices!

Where are you guys looking between the goal lines they are 65 - 87 and the endzones are 22 - 33 that looks like its about the same as a cats game. We have a group of at least 6 people going and it should be great, lets pack the place with Ticats fans.

[url=http://www.ticketmaster.ca/toronto-argonauts-vs-hamilton-tigercats-toronto-ontario-06-28-2013/event/10004AA2A6C45319?artistid=891711&majorcatid=10004&minorcatid=8?camefrom=CFC_ARGONAUTS_SPLASH]http://www.ticketmaster.ca/toronto-argo ... UTS_SPLASH[/url]

Ticats Nation, lets make this an away home game, just like Guelph :rockin:

if you are a caa member of know somebody who is they can get you discounted tickets to the game

I took the bus with the cats claws club once and that was more than enough for me.I paid basically just for the ticket and the ride was free which was okay, but the experience was brutal.
It was a cramped and uncomfortable school bus, we had to wait for everybody before we went or before we left Toronto (it was like being in elementary school), people were smoking weed and causing trouble with each other in the back of the bus (at one point the bus driver booted a guy off and then another girl demanded she be let off and got mad because the bus driver couldn't wait for her to puke her wasted a$$ out.And the tickets we got weren't that fantastic.I believe the cost was $45 for basically endzone tickets and the bus ride was free.
What I pay now, I go directly through the argos and its about $70/ticket (orig. about $90) DIRECTLY behind the ticats bench and the GO bus ride there and back is about $20.So all in all i'm paying double or more but for a WAY better ride there and back, WAY better tickets and an overall better experience.

That's a shame, but don't let one bus ride change your opinion of all people that Go on the bus trips !!

Toronto and the Skydump circular bowl crap? No thanks, now if the Cats were playing the Argos in Guelph, I'd be there in a jiffy.

Toronto and the Skydump circular bowl crap? No thanks, now if the Cats were playing the Argos in Guelph, I'd be there in a jiffy. I'll take a preseason game in Guelph any day over any any game in the Skydump other than a Grey Cup regardless who is playing, even the worst stadium in Canada like the Skydump I'll take if I want to see a GC.

Argos, the sooner you guys get out of that bowl, the better off you will be and I think more people than not are realizing this. The place is horrible.

Oh, Come On EArl, It's not that bad, Just ask Rogers Corp. :lol:

I got my letter from Rogers this past week saying they are now, or will be shortly, my new cable provider taking over from Shaw. Grrrrrrrr :x I will keep them though and try them out and see what happens, switching over to Bell might not be as easy for me, I've got cable boxes galore around the house.

Bell fibe cable boxes are wireless.