Bus to and from Hamilton from Toronto

My girlfriend and I are doing the 4 games in 4 nights in August (Ottawa, Montreal, Hamilton, Regina) and I was looking for advice about transportation.

We have an early Sunday flight to Regina and would prefer to stay at Pearson airport. Can we access a shuttle to and from the game from the GTA?

If you are staying near Pearson Airport - your best bet is the # 40 GO Bus that runs between Richmond Hill and Hamilton and includes stops at Pearson Airport Terminal One. It goes to the Hamilton GO Centre in downtown Hamilton on Hunter Street.

Here the schedule eastbound back to Pearsonschedule on a Saturday and if you click on the reverse direction double arrow icon it has the schedule to Hamilton.

[url=http://www.gotransit.com/timetables/en/schedules/schedules_window.aspx?tableid=40&dir=E&date=2017-08-12&parentid=1]http://www.gotransit.com/timetables/en/ ... parentid=1[/url]

There is the UP Train that runs between Union Station and Pearson. Just take the Go Train to Union and you are all set.