Burt Reynolds

Burt Reynolds passed away .

One of those icons that I grew up with now gone .

He always made me laugh whether as a guest on SNL or Johnny .

I was just writing about Deliverance earlier on the Movie thread not long ago . His best performance in a serious role .


Burt needs more appreciation!

He squandered hiss talent somewhat by doing silly movies. His awesome performance in Deliverance proves he could have been a great actor. If only…


those movies were fun and entertaining. didn’t like deliverance.

…I don’t think he took himself too seriously…

…Cannonball Run, for example, looks like a weeks-long party veiled behind the pretence that a movie was being shot at the time…

He was great in Boogie Nights.


I don’t think he took himself seriously.

He was a handsome, charismatic, humorous man, who liked to have a good time.

Was he a great actor? Not by a long shot. Did he have a good time in his life? By all accounts, he did and there are worse ways to live.

…he also had a great mustache…

Burt on Carson 73