I was listening to the radio last night here in Saskatoon, and there was a sports show on, talking about the Riders. The host (Barney Shynkaruk) was interviewing the Riders announcer Rod, whose last name currently escapes me, but the guy who always does the play by play with Carm Carterry.

Anyway, Rod was saying that Henry Burris was not a very team oriented guy. He said Hank would change plays in the huddle and disregard the things that the coaches wanted.

Has anyone heard similar stories?

Basically Rod was suggesting that Riders have always been Nealon's team, and he expects them to be better under Nealon, due to the team orientation.

Here we go again this is old news! Just can not get over Burris hey!

I don't think it matters what the press says they usually make it up to get a story,who cares anyways Hank is gone and I think he's in for a long season,No O-line in Calgary and an uexperieced secondary will kill their season,Sorry Hank no Cup chance for you,you can watch the mighty Green Machine hoist the Cup with Of Course Nealon being MVP

Burris ain't Greycup material anyway. Greene? I don't know. Have seen much of his play. However,I am still a Rider fan.

Greene is just a stone throw away from Grey Cup glory,he's mature as a player the past couple of seasons,injuries have slowed him but he has learned when to avoid the big hit,Riders & Als Grey Cup

If greene keeps improving,which he is, we will be knocking on the door for a grey cup every year. He's been developing into a better player every year, and with training and hard work could be one of the best in the league with the double threat of throwing and running the ball .

Rod PETERSON. :lol:

Actually Rod Pedersen

bah who cares :lol:

.............sorry, Ga-knot-ay, haven't heard anything of the like here in Cowtown, in fact, Hank was forming relationships with his receivers and O-line long before training camp even started.........I doubt Higgins would allow a player to get out-of-hand anyway...........

You know I actually was considering this an intelligent post until I read the last half sentence there. C'mon now, we both know Saskatchewan chokes come playoff time. Fifteen years to win a title in a league with only 9 teams?? I've seen my Stamps win three SINCE then, and play in six title games. Anyways, my intenet wasn't to write a trash post, I hate when people do that. But I just had to respond to your little diddy at the end there. :wink:

Anyways, as far as the inexperience secondary goes, you could be right. They showed great promise in training camp, especially Ben Kelly. He really has the ability to be a shutdown corner in this league. And I think Calgary's DB's will only improve over time. Keep in mind it is a new game for them. The receivers can be in motion before the play starts, so it's different for a corner in this league. It's hard to slow down a receiver with a bump n run when he's already been running for 10 yards by the time he gets to you. It takes time for them to learn the CFL style. And you never know if they WILL adjust to it fully, it's a risk. So Calgary's secondary could be painful this year.

But as for the O-line, I don't understand why people rag on them all the time. They allowed the fewest sacks in the league last year. And against Toronto, Burris had some pressure, but nothing too bad. Calgary's O-line handled the Argos front seven alot better than BC did the week before. And how can you say an O-line is bad when Joffrey Reynolds managed to pick up 107 yards on only 15 carries?? He had some nice jukes and a beautiful stiffarm to get that. But no way is an RB, I don't care who he is, going ANYWHERE without considerable help from his O-line.

Well it was sure nice to see they taught him how to hold on to the ball when he was running with it. :smiley: :lol: :wink: Sure won’t miss that this year, and I have to say I was glad to see his patented fumble :twisted:

..........just so we're clear then crackhead, taking pleasure out of the misfortunes of others is one of your personal attributes, just want to know what type of people we're dealing with here, that's all...........

not the case at all I cheered for him twice here in Saskatchewan. Now it is your turn to walk on pins and needles when he decides to take off. I take no pleasure in his misfortunes unless they are against the Riders . I was just saying they teach you how to protect the football when your 10 years old or younger . Maybe a coach could teach him how soon, because you will be in for some sad days and more misfortunes unless he does.

I remember Jack Gotta made Chris Edwards walk around all day with a football , even sleep with it at night so he would get use to the darn thing. Seemed to work :smiley: :smiley:

calling someone crackhead .... yeah thats so much more mature than what you are accusing maccraken14 of.

:lol: :lol: thanks for the support I thought I might get into it with him but nah crackhead comes with the nick sometimes. It actually comes from the movie slapshot and the 14 is because I registered before and forgot and deleted the password :?

Mac works

I think he was refering to most Rider fans on the crackhead joke. It really is amazing that in April Burris left the clown fans of Saskatchewan and came to play for a class organization. Yet you guys still post this crap! But that is okay I feel you guys have warm feelings for Burris otherwise those turn overs wouldn't bother you so much. I am sure if you asked 34,000 Calgary fans if they were disappointed they would point out they are not. But yet you people show us the truth that you are indeed closet Burris fans.

Too all good Sask fans please do not take this post seriously which I am sure you won't. This psot was made for the benefit of Jeremy and his cousins.

Burris and the Stamps rule and their loss to Toronto was a fluke. Burris makes some turnovers, but replies them later on in the game with td's.

When Burris is green he is our friend when he wears red he is a foe simple.
I only know one player personally who plays in the CFL. Other then that who cares really how we treat them they are no different to me then the numbers on their back. I don't know them and they don't know me.
Yes it was heartbreaking watching Burris drop the ball on the one yard line game after game. Yes McCallum missing FG can make you roll your eyes but when the final whistle blows these guys are people just doing a job .

.....Bogey, playing with someone's nik (maccraken14 - crackhead) is just a bad habit of mine..........it rarely has any significance except to incite public unrest and to stir riot..........