Hey GW, at a wedding today, just got the end of the 2nd, stats for Cats are good but only 10-10 , Burris 1 Int and 1 fumble, typical

Lol.. so wanker, according to your "logic" last week, we keep Hank cuz he got us the 2 points. Which is wanker?

Best you lay low for a while.

We couldn't help but notice you disappeared after all your ridiculous comments earlier this week.

I see what Burris is doing wrong. In the shotgun he is about 4 yards for line of scrimmage. He receives the ball and back pedals, By then the defense is on him and he has not even read the receiving corps. No wonder he gets sacked. Maybe he should stand back farther so he doesnt have to back pedal and he can actually get one or two reads in before the defense is on him.

No Figueora, no blocking fullback was huge. Burris gets a pass here.

You mean it’s not 100% on Burris? Huh.

And I think that’s the first time I’ve see Burris throw the ball away under pressure. Good to see.

All the talk was his mistakes in the late going last week. This week, on last two drives, Burris gets it done.

As I see it, Burris' biggest problem is his offensive line. How many times did Cox dart in today with nobody
to block him to either sack Burris or to simply hurry him into ill advised passes?

As we say, 2 points is two points, but I was still disappointed in the overall play today.

I don't think this team has what it takes to win their next two games, but I'd love to be proven wrong.

Almost half a dozen key injuries and playing a rookie kicker - if you're disappointed, frankly, you're nuts.

The only thing Burris did wrong this game in my eyes, and it seems to be a trend is getting rid of the football instead of taking a sack. However if this is becoming common enough to be a problem, that's an o.line issue. Can't wait till Figueora is back.

This ugly win was a team effort but a win is a win. As far as Burris goes which QB would do any better than he has with what he has to play with. If he gets any protection he is as good as anyone in the league IMO.

GW, just got home from a wedding, as i mentioned in my post. Looked at the stats, see Burris had 2 turnovers ( now 13 picks), some other QB actually scored the go ahead td, correct. if the Cats can only protect 1qb in the expansion draft for Ottawa, they should protect LeFevour

sure seems to me that austin is trying to get burris to play the way he himself did, and thats just not hanks game.

Always great to read insights from someone who didn't actually see the game. I'm sure those of us who watched it appreciate the opportunity to hear the wisdom of someone who is untainted by ... you know ... actual "knowledge" of what happened.

On that note, I should mention that I think the wedding you attended was a little too pretentious, half the wedding party was drunk, the bar service was too slow, and the DJ obviously didn't have a feel for the room. Of course, I was watching the football game at the time.

I recognize that injuries can play a major role in the team's play. What team isn't contending with injuries
at this time of the season?

If I'm nuts for sharing an opinion, so be it. Our offensive line sucks!

Incidentally, our rookie kicker played a hell of a game. He and one or two others actually stood out in this
game while the rest of the team appeared flat.

Okay "Son of Zontar," your turn. See if you can respond without name calling.

Completely missed the point. Yes most teams have injuries now and teams with character overcome injuries which should be cause for , at least, optimism, not disapointment .

Talk to CAL fans esp. this morning and Rider fans - they'd love to be "disappointed" like you.

The problem is not what Burris does when he gets good protection. Almost any decent quarterback in this league can be effective in the passing game if he gets good protection.
The key is how he reacts when protection breaks down and, in that respect, Henry still tends to make mistakes that you would not expect from a veteran in his 14th year.

Agree seymour, that was the case last week agains't Calgary.

Where are the screen passes to Gable? Isn't that what you do to counter the blitz? Also, Burris should run the ball more himself when he's under pressure.

Yes, he can run, but I don't remember him actually throwing a pass? I suspect there are other young QBs that the RodBlacks would take over Lefevour.

Gable spent the majority of the game blocking blitzes. Many times the Als rushed 6 or 7 players (more than the line and Gable can block), hurrying Burris and taking the running game away.

One thing that was mentioned during the game, is that over the past couple of years, Burris has had difficulty throwing spirals. Austin noticed something in his grip on the ball. At 38, Burris listened to his coach, and together they made a minor change to his grip, and he has been throwing better passes.