Unfortunately, as much as I enjoyed watching Burris play in Calgary, this weekend was an example of why he had to go. You never know who is going to show up with him ... Hank or Frank;

If Hank shows up ... he's one of the best quarterbacks in the league, if not the best!
If Frank shows up ... he throws passes that are just inches to far infront of the receiver, so that they just can't get to it or it's intercepted OR they are thrown behind the receiver, just far enough that as he adjusts for the ball, he just can't quite reach it and there are several outcomes;

  1. it's intercepted
  2. it's incomplete
  3. the receiver makes and incredible catch only to be hammered by an opposing player and injured or drop the ball.

I hope one day some coach will figure out what Henry needs to become a consistent quarterback and he can acheive the greatness I know is in him. Until then, he is a quality guy who contributes to the community he plays in and is a good leader for the team.

I continue to wish him all the best ... just not this next week, because that would mean he gets to beat my Stamps! but the week after that ... good luck!

For all the Ticat fans ... I feel your pain ... I never could figure out what trigers a good or bad game from him (on the feild at least, maybe it's something off the feild) ... It's VERY frustrating!

It's a combination of many factors that contribute to Hank's inconsistant play. Throwing mechanics are key to a consistant pass to the receiver. From what I noticed is the consistant over thrown balls when Bad Hank plays. I have also noticed Hank's tendency to force the ball in double and tripple coverage. Hank is depending on his arm strength and accuracy. That alone won't help him much if he is unable to find the open receiver. The Oline may aslo be a factor considering the absence of Hage and Dyakowski. I am somewhat surprised Cotex has not found a way to settle Hank down considering he was an NFL quarterback coach. I would certainly hope he would understand the throwing mechanics and the dynamics that would identify Hank's problems when Bad Hank decides to play. Unfortunately as we all know, this has not happened as may not happen.