He is a different QB than he used to be. For a couple of yrs, he was my fav because he gave it all, played kind of kamikaze like, doing whatever it takes. Now he plays like a chicken. Very hesitant to run and always sliding feet first way before he needs to. Often short of a very getable first down. His head seems to be some messed up this yr.

I disagree, as players get older they become smarter especially QB's and with concussions being so prevalent and for the sake of overall longevity.
It's like AC he slides all of the time.

maybe his wife caught him wearing another bra or something?

He's the same QB he's just not getting the time that he had before. Or maybe his bra is too tight not sure.

I'd rather have my QB slide then get injured to get 2 yards.

I think you can definitely to see the maturity in Burris. If this was 5 years ago he would have been frustrated and turned into a turnover machine. He did not have a good game, but he grinded it out and limited the turnovers.

how about he takes two extra steps before going down and does not have to get injured. It is no good to play afraid of injuries. Take up tiddly winks if that is the case.

I don't think he is all that different. I saw him go head first in the last game to get a few extra yards, in fact. I actually don't want him to do that at this point in the season. Fair to say that if the stamps lost Burris right now they would be in trouble with Tate out and Bishop in. A few years ago Burris broke his collarbone going head first for a TD against hamilton, and was out for some time.

In week 3, I don't want to see him get hurt for a first down. Not worth it. I agree that you shouldn't play scared to get hit, but I don't believe he does that. He likely is aware of his age and that there is no real backup right now.

Forget not hook-sliding. Burris needs to not overthrow or underthrow wide-open receivers, particularly when they're in the endzone.

Tell that to Winnipeg who may very well have to start a third string QB this week. Avoiding injury is important if you want to win.

It's no good to get injured and make your team put Michael Bishop into the game either. It's easy to say he could've taken two extra steps before sliding but if he takes those two extra steps and DOES get hurt, everyone complains that he didn't hook slide. Better safe than sorry, and I guarantee you the difference between Burris and Bishop is gonna be more than that extra two yards and one first down was ever worth unless it's the fourth quarter of the Grey Cup game.