Just curious if anyone knows anything about his situation. Did he dress last game? Is he probable by the 23rd? Just curious. I think he is a good QB and wish him a speedy recovery. I also hope DD is okay.

Go Riders!!

......he did dress for the Montreal game but as the "in case of emergency break glass cover" QB.......Scott Coe might have seen reps before Hank got in if it ever came to that......there is a strong possibility that he'll be good to go for the Hamilton game here on the 14th so in all likelyhood he's starting at TF on the 23rd......no tomatoes now y'hear......

There won't be any tomatoes..... or Burris Sucks t-shirts for that matter. We all know how well that went last time. By the Calgary bench though I can't promise no snowballs. We all seen that last year too. Hopefully the fans will stay classy and the Riders will kick ass.

Go Riders!!

P.S. before anyone can get the "neither the fans will stay classy nor the Riders kick ass" comments come I thought I would beat you to the punch.

You can expect the Boo birds to be flying towards Henry though.

Inboobidably :smiley:

I sit behind the visitors bench and can say that none of us would ever say anything to the visiting players.... :shock:

well maybe.... :smiley:

.......boo birds galore would be my forecast and Henry shouldn't expect anything less than a total verbal maelstrom......the proverbial 'they' say that the quickest way to quiet an unruly crowd is score a couple of quick ones but I don't think that would help in this case, might make matters worse even.....

Good luck scoring a couple quick ones against arguably the best 'D' in the league :smiley:

......twilight zone or what?!?!.......I was thinking the same thing but with the team colours reversed....... :smiley: ........

.......that actually got me thinking......your QB from last year up against our QB from last year, weird eh?!........

Hey gang the Crandell~Burris matchup will make this game more special than it already was! Can't wait to watch this game.......

Okay attention all Calgary fans.....I'm an Als fan, yes we whupped you last time out but you were shorthanded so it is not a fair assessment of relative merit. A 3rd string QB and no Reynolds for the second half after he ran wild in the first......you had no chance to win. But answer me this:

I thought Wimprine was totally unimpressive; reminded me a lot of Tommy Jones from last year (ugh). I thought Harris looked much better, much more potential I think......do you Calgary fans agree? If I was the braintrust in Calgary, I'd keep Burris, Gesser, and Harris for next year and cut Wimprine loose......Harris might even beat out Gesser for 2d string.

...tough to call, I mean Wimprine actually did really well in place of Gesser in the 3 quarters of the Ottawa game he played.....but Harris certainly looked cool out there.......They'll probably keep all four around for the rest of the season in any case.......

I hear you, but saying Wimprine played well against Ottawa means little......Tee Martin, Tommy Jones, Pat Barnes, hell, even TJ Rubley would look good against Ottawa this year.........................

Here we go again the best qb, the best defense, the best beer it just never stops does it!

MJ, Wimprine is a very young guy and really has had no game experience until the Ottawa game. So it would be unfair to think this kid would win this game. Yes, Harris played well but then again he did not have the pressure of starting. I believe Wimprine tried too hard to impress and this made him make mistakes. In the Ottawa game he made no mistakes. This is what rookies do. Wimprine had no preseason reps either so do you expect anything more. As a Stamp fan I did not expect anything more. The coaching staff decided to have youngs in a back up roll and well we got 2 wins out of 3 not bad for rookies but not good enough for a very good Montreal team.

What happened to Tommy Jones and that Michael guy from last year? The Stamps have a new QB everytime I watch them. :?

Tommy Jones is singing in Vegas he can carry a tune better then throwing a pass. Mke Souza I am wondering that myself the kid was not bad! But unlike the Riders and Bombers the Stamps decided to goom young QB's for the futer then get hand me downs!

I was impressed with Tommy Jones. He scored a TD against us last year in the Taylor Field game.

I was singularly UNIMPRESSED with Tommy Jones last year...thought he was dreadful...terrible passer, immobile..........Souza wasn't bad, but I think Gesser, Harris, and even Wimprine look better.

I agree these guys will do fine in the future.