is hank returning to saskatchewan?

...for some people, April Fools Day runs all year...

...yes....August 7th and October 3rd...

JM02 he is one of yours :lol: :lol: :lol:

My two are upstairs sleeping...he's not mine...

Geez, I thought my April Fools link was pretty obvious! :roll: :roll:

Ah right! I am sure you know what I meant but good come back. Besides I can not see any of your kids being that say not in this galaxy.

Sporty it was very obvious. But just maybe this is one of thousands that actually love Burris. :lol:

Hmmm, I wonder, is there is a link between my April Fools joke, and all the "Burris Sucks Tee-shirts" that went on sale on e-bay! :lol: :lol: