Does Burris know that he doesn't play for the Riders anymore :x throw it to the guys in red not green you moron, Burris is going to cost the Stamps the game. Don'y wait till the forth to pull him.

Well Burris the choke artist strikes again! LOSER!

Well that was a surprise, they lost the big game with Burris again, giving up “again” a big lead in the 2nd half 2 years in a row. As much as Burris did suck the offensive was just as brutal, Joseph on the other hand seemed to have all day.

Time to unload Burris and tweak the offence line. And whats whith Copland only getting 2 balls! Full marks to the Riders the stayed the course, protected their QB and made the big plays when needed. The best team should advance and that was the Riders.

The Stamps choked ...

Burris is a huge improvement on Crandell, and he shows flashes of brilliance, and when he's good he's really good ... but he's too inconsistent. And the interceptions drive me NUTS.

With how much of a choke artist Burris has been the past two years in the playoffs, I don't think he'll ever be able to handle the pressure of winning 2 or 3 games in a row to win a grey cup! If the Stamps stick with Burris again next season, I doubt they'll see a difference in his "playoff performance". Is it time for a new QB if the Stamps want to succeed??? I'm sure many other QB's would have loved to have the depth at receiver that the Stamps did this season, and probably been able to get more out of them.

The thing is tho look at the talent pool in the league. Its not all that full. For some cases you have to take what you get and hope they are a quality guy, and hope that you find a young gem that you can bring up in your system and produce a quarterback that is a quality player. You have to remember that the quarterbacks in the CFL are all americans and have all played american ball their whole lives. There are more reads that have to be made in the CFL among a bunch of other differences that takes a while to get used to as a quarterback.

The talent pool with QB's isn't very strong right now, apart from some of those that are starting. But with Jason Maas, Damon Allen, Kevin Glenn, and possibly Anthony Calvillo(retirement?) in jeproady of losing their starting role, many of these teams may be going with young guns behind the centre early next season. With Possibly Dickenson, Pierce, or Printers available, I don't see why the Stamps wouldn't try to get one of them, or maybe even try a younger QB. This is all just speculation though. We'll have to see how his all unfolds in the off-season, it has potential to be very interesting.

I often relate Henry Burris to Paul McCallum. Paul IS a good kicker, i don't care what anyone says, but he just chokes under pressure, or in big games. The same thing happened/happens to Burris. He choked in a big game that meant the end of the season or continuing the season. And hey, Kerry Joseph was the same in the first half, we're just lucky he didn't throw any interceptions, and that our defense for sure stepped up. And besides, sometimes you don't know whether it was a mistake by henry, or the receiver just ran the wrong route. Yes i know Henry threw some balls when he shouldn't of, but maybe his receiver was supposed to be there?? Oh well, Calgary has some questions that need answering in this new off-season, and as for the rider's, we have some questions to answer after the game yesterday also. I believe we didn't produce as much poitns as we should of. I'm not saying Calgary is a bad taem,i think calgary is the best in the cfl at times, but its just that with all the turnovers, our offence should have put way more poitns on the board. GOod luck next year stamps! :frowning:

Anyone who blames this loss soley on Burris knows nothing about football.

You are correct, you cannot blame one person for the loss. Win as a team, lose as a team.
However, in a passing league, your quarterback needs to give your team a chance to win. With poor reads, and poorly thrown passes, the score could have/maybe should have been a lot worse.
To my point that you cannot blame one person, Burris was scrambling under pressure a lot. But again, to put your team into a postion to win, throw the ball out of bounds or take the sack.