Burris Wounded

Heard a Rumor Burris tore ligaments in his thumb or hand, and may require surgery, Hey Calgary fans you hear anything on that?

I know it wasnt his throwing hand but still might be difficult handling the ball or taking a snap.

Then he must have had that injury for quite some time already... :slight_smile:

......Saturday Hank was sporting a light cast to keep the thumb immobilized.....was to be assessed yesteray and/or today.....the team made it sound like it wasn't serious, something that could wait until off season for surgical repair, but that could be spin.....it's on his non-throwing hand, but could affect taking a snap and will have some affect on balance as he winds up a pass.......

who is the back-up....better get him up and throwing.....unless Hank can play threw it...

if it will affect his ability to take a snap, maybe it will cause him to fumble more. is that even possible???

Back-up quarterback is Jason Gesser. He was in for three plays vs. Edmonton..went 3-3 and threw for a touchdown. He looked pretty impressive in that game, I don't understand why Higgins didn't leave him in there especially when Burris wasn't playing all that great.

Gesser looked extremley well in the pre-season, I think he is a great back-up. I wouldn't mind seeing him start.

Sorry, but if you are going to lob a ball up into the strike zone, I have to swing!

Why did Higgins not leave Gesser in? Because he did not want HB to have a hissy fit! Remember, HB does not like competition for the #1 spot!

....it's a hit and a high ball to right, not going to make it though, an easy out by RedandWhite in right field......

.......he didn't leave gesser in because his #1 QB and the trainer's said he is good to go.....why go with your #2 when your #1 is ready to go back in......give your head a shake leeing.......

........the one thing that did bother me about this incident was Burrato dumbed-down the offence with Gesser in, short safe passes to receivers who are very capable of YAC and Gesser did extremely well as a result.....as soon as Hank is inserted back in we go back to these long high risk passes with little to no benefit......why not stay with the scheme that got you your only TD in the game instead of the scheme that wasn't working, regardless of who the pivot is?.......

I wondered the same thing. A short pass with Burris in is 20 yds.

Must be one of those Rider fans SaskArgo was mentioning here go Billy Soup proof!

Leeing showing your roots again I see!

Get over the Burris thing all the other rider fans have but I guess except you!

Redandwhite they did not go with the Rider game plan I guess it would work for a few plays but then what?

You know redwhite2005,
When I first came to this site.I bashed riders.Everyone was saying that Saskargo is a real B%^ch.Now everyone is seeing what I saw all along!!!
Burris is a better player hurt,than crandell and green put together.
Get over it rider fans.Burris made the right choice!!!

Saksargo you are a very knowledgable fan and you just showed that in this post. Billy eat your heart out!

Thank you redwhite2005.

Hey the truth is out there! And in your posts!

Hook, line and sinker redandwhite… :smiley:

.....but you can't dispute my logic.......oh btw, it was an easy catch, didn't even need to flip my shades.... :smiley: :twisted:

No I think the reasons for putting Burris back in are those that you said, but then again, you just never know, maybe my jest was the real reason! :stuck_out_tongue:

Burris won't play this week. He had surgery today.