Burris won't join Lions staff, pursues NFL coaching opportunity

We don't know the details. One cannot draw these conclusions. Hank may have told the Lions that there were a couple of other offers out there and they were okay with that. Or maybe he did dump them. Either way, we don't know.

Hey, I am hardly the biggest Burris fan. That's besides the point.

Lions :slight_smile:

the BC Lions were totally ok with it. So loyalty is not an issue


It's not like he was hired as a coach or even assistant coach. The Lions brought him in as a "consultant" - which is not part of the 13 man coaching staff.

Hank. We hardly knew ye . . . ! ! !

Easy come, easy go. Hardly something to whine about, we all have to look after #1 at the end of the day.

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What is a part of my concern re: Burris and the flip-flop approach that he and far too many show towards the CFL is what has happened to the NHL. Now with the NHL players it is not with the back and forth - it is the same league north or south of the border - BUT both sides demand that they be paid in US and the number of teams have clearly made it an American game now. I am concerned that the CFL (and our country) is becoming culturally overrun by the American attitude - meaning money above all else. To be clear, I am a Canadian first - which means I protect what I have now - namely the CFL.

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Yeah well that's about what you can expect for "me first" Burris. Cut from the same cloth as Chris Jones, amazed anybody would hire either one of them at this point.

You guys that are slagging Burris for this do realize the difference in Salary is probably life altering don't you?


So you are saying you yourself would turn down 500 thousand dollars because you agreed to 25 grand. Yep I am sure your loyalty would hold to that.


Unfortunately loyalty to a country doesn't pay bills.

More money does.

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I sure hope I don’t get removed from the CFL Forum for this…

Henry Burris probably was able to get an NFL job because that league is requiring every team to hire a minority or female offensive assistant.

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