Burris wins third straight ring

You know, Burris catches a lot of flack on here for being a "whiner," but it's kind of cool to see the work he does in the community. He won his third straight Presidents' Ring for his work in the community. So congrats to him, and keep it up! :thup:

[url=http://www.cfl.ca/article/burris-a-star-on-and-off-the-field]http://www.cfl.ca/article/burris-a-star ... -the-field[/url]

...this year, if I were Hufnagel, I'd sit Henry down for a father-son chat and tell him this: "this season, Henry, when a play doesn't quite go the way you think it should have, when you think the refs have maybe jobbed you a bit, or not seen something you did, I want you son to suck it up and get back to the huddle right away to get the guys geared up for the next down, and we're going to get Godfrey to be the 'designated complainer', the DC, for the cameras, okay son? good, I knew you'd understand"

...then I'd tell him that THIS is the year that cements his place in the Hall of Fame, and THEN HE DOES, [flipbird]nuts to the rest of the league[flipbird], what?!?! you think I'd dis my QB without a neck stinger to the rest of you?! crazy people that's what you are!!!

BURRIS RULES, BOOM, OUT....how's that Thryllin?! (like I care)

Dare to dream, R&W, dare to dream...LOL

Some (okay, lots of) Rider fans like to rag on Henry but it's nothing personal - it's just a point of unification more than a statement of hatred, if Rider fans are honest. He's the face of the Stampeders franchise and he really does the white horse proud. The League would be missing a little something without him.

i think i need to print this thread off. an esks fan and a riders fan giving props to burris.

It's only because it's the off-season. Come July, I'm sure the "Burris Sucks" chants will resume. :lol:

its been nice this off season being able to be comrads with ya chief... but the countdown to hatred is upon us.

Burris is great. He runs infinitely in my signature - now that's dedication.

Congrats the Hank.

The CFL is great. These playes get paid less then Baseball, Basketball, Hockey and NFL players, yet they do so much more for the community. For example, here in Montreal, I think Anthony Calvillo and Anwar Stewart do more for the commuity than the entire Montreal Canadiens in a year, and unlike the Habs, they don't have community work in their contracts (except for big Georges Laraque, he is great)

In my opinion, the CFL players are better role models than any other athletes we have in Canada

Agreed. It's unfortunate they don't have the same profile as NHLers in this country.