Burris wins 2nd straight POW honors


Go for the triple crown Hank. :thup:

Smilin' Hank sure has reason to smile. Way to go. What an unbelievable last 2 games. Hopefully this is the start of something really special this year.

Cool. I could have done without the Casey Printers reference though.

He became the first quarterback to throw four touchdown passes in two consecutive games since Casey Printers accomplished the feat on October 16 and 22, 2005.

He's awesome no doubt, everything I thought he would be and more.I'm still just as excited today as when the news first broke that Burris would be leaving Calgary and that we were a candidate.

After the last bunch we've had I love the fact that we finally have a Quarterback that can run when needed and that has a strong arm. I just wish he was 5 or 10 years younger. but I will take him as a 37 year old. The past 3 games have been great! :smiley:

If it is any consolation habcat, Calvillo is 40 years old and currently 2nd in most passing categories this year, and an all-star the past 4 consecutive seasons (9 overall) therefore it is certainly plausible for Burris to have 3 or so productive seasons left in the tank, especially considering the lack of serious injuries sustained throughout his career.

But he looks 5 years younger! he is running like a 27 year old and he's passing as sharp as he has ever done in his career. Right now the 37 year old thing means nothing, it's just a number.

I’ll see your Calvillo, and raise you one Allen. I think he played until at least age 44, or something crazy like that.

very true mikem.
and "youngsters" such as Lulay, Durant, Brink, Jyles, Ray, Glenn pale in comparison thus far.

to note, Burris has a whopping 15TD's in only 5 games!
At that pace, he would hit 54 TDs by season's end, easily eclipsing the record of 48 set by Flutie in '94.

and Calvillo would hit 40TD's at his current pace this season.

It appears that the oldest QB's in the league are also the most productive giving rise to experience and conditioning possibilities of the aged athlete.

Smilin' Hank now Super Hank

Former Winnipeg Blue Bombers great Milt Stegall, the CFL’s all-time receiving yardage leader, was the last player (in 2006) to capture the offensive award in consecutive weeks

You got me there ExPat. I fold. :frowning:

yes, Damon Allen retired at 44 years old and could have played longer if not for a few injuries.
and his best career season was in 2005 at 42 years of age where he was named the CFL MOP with superb stats of

17 GP
64.1% Comp
5,082 Yds
33 TD's 15 INT's and 102.7 passer rating
467 Yds rushing

and at 41, he won the Grey Cup (and Grey Cup MVP) to boot.

Some of Damons' greatest years were between the ages of 37-42 therefore the best of Burris may be just ahead. :smiley:

I wasn't really saying he was old but more trying to say I wish he was someone that we could look forward to having for 10 years or so. He's playing great and I'm happy he is here, hopefully he can be like Damon Allen and play well into his mid forties! It seems that we are always lacking for sometime between genuine #1 QBs when I see one I like I want him here forever!