Burris willing to leave Stamps to be starter

Canadian Press article:

Stampeders quarterback Henry Burris says he doesn't want to play for the team next year if he's standing on the sidelines. Burris was Calgary's number one quarterback for almost seven seasons.

Drew Tate started for the Stamps the last three games of the regular season and also played the first half of Sunday's playoff loss in Edmonton.

Burris says he still sees himself as one of the best quarterbacks in the C-F-L.
He wants to be a leader on a team, whether it is for Calgary or for another club.

Stampeders head coach and general manage John Hufnagel says he'll discuss Burris's future with him during the off-season.

[url=http://www.theglobeandmail.com/sports/football/henry-burris-willing-to-leave-stamps-for-a-chance-to-start/article2235638/]http://www.theglobeandmail.com/sports/f ... le2235638/[/url]

That didn't take long.

He wants to be the starter and is willing to elsewhere to do it... Stump fans are seeing the side of Smilin' Hank that Rider fans know all to well... :roll:

If somebody is willing to give him a starter's position, all the power to him.

Burris gave his all for Stamps fans. It is sad to hear some dumping on him. Calgary football fans should be lining up to kiss Hanks butt. He gave 100% every game and that is all you can ask.

If this is the end in Calgary.


The Argos or the Riders will likely pick him up, at least that's my two cents.

Only way I see Riders picking him up would be to be a veteran backup to DD, same as he would be in Calgary. I see either TO or Hamilton picking him up. Hamilton will pick him up if Glen plays bad next week.

I don't see Henry wanting to go to Regina any more than most Rider fans would want him back. Not exactly a match made in heaven...after all, there's a reason you never date your ex!

Ya I think Burris would rather be a backup in Calgary than come back to Regina

Only place I can see is Toronto if Barker is still employed and since we don't even know who will be the GM in Toronto...

I thought so to, but the more I think about it, the more I can't help but feel our coaching staff is going to stick it out with Glenn and Porter. I mean, they both renewed contracts this season for two years, so I don't see a sudden change at pivot for Hamilton.

If the Cats were to sign Burris, they would have to release Glenn, who is younger and having a better year (not by much) but still and Toronto would likely pickup Glenn. Could be a bit of a shuffle but I would doubt it.

I see Burris going to Riders, with Durant as the backup

Only way Burris goes to Sask and becomes starter is if the Riders release DD, which isn't going to happen.

Burris isn't coming to Hamilton no matter what Glenn does on Sunday. I would be stunned if the team let Glenn go. Now, if Bellefeuille is fired (and after the win yesterday, that is highly unlikely) then all bets are off. I suspect that both Glenn and Bellefeuille will both be back.

I really don't know if there is a place for Burris to start. Everyone seems to be saying Toronto, but they are high on Jyles. If you look at the QB situations of the other seven teams, where would Burris go and be an major upgrade? (And considering his price tag, he would have to be a MAJOR upgrade.)

Hamilton? No.
Montreal? No.
Winnipeg? Depends on what they do with Pierce, but I'd say no.
BC? No.
Edmonton? No.
Toronto? Maybe, but isn't Burris just an older, more expensive version of Steven Jyles?

I don't know if Burris will have that many teams willing to take a chance on him. His only choice might be to swallow his pride and accept that his best days are behind him.

Burris in double blue next year.
Jyles sucks.
i've never been a big fan of Henry, but Burris is an instant improvement at QB for T.O.

There are a few teams that are going to lighten their payroll substantially this off season. Competition for free agents should be stronger than in the last couple years.

burris is going to take a big paycut this off season, that is for sure.
there is only 1 team that would be willing to make him starter, IMO.
any other team would want him as a back-up, which would come with a paycut anyways, and we know Henry is unwilling to be a backup. so toronto can say, "you're our starter at $_ cost or go play back-up elsewhere". which case, Henry agrees.

The only places I can see Hank playing next year is somewhere in Southern Ontario. Yet, I don’t think the argos should go after him and I don’t think they will, so the only place where there could be a fit is in Hamilton. Kevin Glenn’s future in the steel city is still uncertain and if he wants to assure his stay in Hamilton, he’d better win this Sunday at least.

In any event, I’ll go ahead and predict that Hank is done. He won’t backup anyone and Calgary certainly won’t have him back. There’s only one or two situations that could be a fit. Burris’ ego won’t allow him to backup anyone so unless he’s assured a starting role, I doubt he’d even sign.

I don’t know how closely you follow the Cats, but all reports after yesterday point to Glenn having done enough to warrant another season. Glenn is tethered pretty tightly to Bellefeuille, and with Bellefeuille all but assured to return after beating the Als on Sunday, it would take something drastic to see Glenn dumped. The entire Tiger-Cat organization as preached continuity and getting rid of the starting QB because he lost the East Final would not be in line with that mode of thinking. While I accept that anything is possible, I doubt Burris lands in Hamilton.