Burris will CHOKE!!!

KJ has not proved anything yet.

Henry Burris has moved on and i think its time for everyone in Riderville to do the same.

I will be expecting you to show up after the game win or lose.

Dad I have noted this and will expect you on here after this game as well.

...you know i'm never very far away my son..... :wink:

hes proven he can:

  • win in the playoffs
  • lead the riders to a home playoff game
  • lead the best offence in the league
  • throw the least amount of INT’s in a year

Burris is a bum compared to KJ.

Wow thats deep....

I love you STamps Fans. Burris is over 33 years old. If he does not show anything in the playoffs this year, he won't get it done. Boo Hoo about the injury to his shoulder. Wait until it is -10 and the turf is hard- Fred Perry will LIGHT HIM UP!!! I am so sick of hearing how great he is. He does have glimpses of what he could be. But with the receivers and running backs that the Stamps have, there is no reason, even with a weak defence, for the Stamps to have such a bad record. I credit all of you Stamps fans out there for your support of your team. I just hope (And think) that this is the Rider year. I am not being rude, just stating facts. I, as well as everyone else, thought your Stamps were in for a great year this year. Best of luck!!! I hope all of you out there in Stamp land admit that MOSAIC Stadium WILL ROCK!!!

Very mature post did mom check it out for you

In early October when that 33 year old made 5000 rider fans cry by half time it sure was nice to see that bum make the riders look like fools.

First of all, I would like to say, in no uncertain terms, that My mother did not check my e-mail- That was a good burn, though. Secondly, If you read my post, Burris does have moments of brilliance, times when he looks like Flutie out there. And then a fumble, interception, or another "It's not my fault". leaders are defined when their teams are up against it. Burris folds his tent and goes home. Do I believe he has all of the tools, yes. Does he look good at times, yes. Will he ever win the big game? Hopefully not this year.
In brief, I have been a Rider fan all my life. I watched Burris fold in the playoffs. We have gone 19 YEARS without a home playoff game. I believe Burris will collapse, and 27, 799 other people will agree: Burris will be made to look silly. If he does not, you will see me post here, and I will be the first to agree that he has arrived. Until then, I don't hold my breath, and neither should you!!!

Hmmmm...Anyone read Hanks 'sour grapes' response to the release of the West and East reps for MOP?

I think Burris should win for MVP. Most VAIN Player!!! His prize would be a classy mirror that he could try and fit his inflated head into all day on November 11th.....ahahahahahahahaahahh.


I bet you do not remember the game in 1989. And because you have been a rider fan all your life does not qualify you for squat. Other then you may like watermelon.

That means nohing man, exspecialy if your trying to compare Burris and Joseph.

Burris has proven he can:

  • win in the playoffs
  • lead the stamps to two home playoff games
  • throw the most TD's in the league
  • throw for over 300 yards in 7 straight games

You got some facts to back up your statement boy.
or are you just talkin outta your ass.

I put my money on the latter.

I cant wait for the West-semi.

Win or lose the west rep will be the BC Lions.

You sure got alot of faith in your team. Glad im not on the same side as you.

The Stamps would not want you slo mo!