Burris will CHOKE!!!

As a Rider fan, I can't wait until the playoff game to watch him choke. He will throw interceptions, fumble the ball, and then blame everyone around him. Burris will show that he will never get to the next level!!! He is not a leader; leaders can lead when everything is going to hell around them. Just wait until The semi final. I CAN'T WAIT. I am SICK of everyone saying how good he is. Joseph will dominate your WEAK defence. Bring it on!!!

As and Eskimo fan, let me say this. Cut out the trolling and put this on the Cfl page where it belongs.


Isnt this the CFL page?... What you smokin there dog?


It wasn’t, but it was recently moved. He’s not smokin’ anything.

If the Riders can supply a Pass rush..
In the Western semi Final...
Burris will choke, just like last year..
If the Stamps can block for him...
Game over Priders....you lose...
As for trolling..I am a fish...Go Bombers.

DO you even watch the CFL? Burris is a great QB. Stamps problem is not at QB. It's defense, special teams, and maybe the o-line is a little weak.

I'm not a Rider fan, but you guys really have little chance of beating Sask, sorry.

The Lions and Riders are so far above the rest of the league this year, it's not even funny. I will be extremely shocked if it's not BC and Sask in the Western Final.

I would be very surprised to if the Riders don't win...and that's what scares me. Yeah, we beat 'em twice, but I worry if we can take them a third time in the same year when they are playing so well.

now, do U even watch the CFL?

the last 2 seasons, Burris has been a fumble and INT machine during the west semi’s…and when he DOES manage to get the ball safely to his RB, Reynolds coughs it up.

same thing will happen this year, as we got a preview of it this past weekend.

....so bradamy, if he doesn't tank and wins this game singelhandedly should we hold our collective breath for a retraction of your rant?....I'm not holding mine....

To say that Burris is going to choke is a bit premature. How many games playoff games has Joseph QBed in? If anyone has all the pressure, its KJ--with the game at Mosai..errr, TAYLOR FIELD, all the pressure will be on the QB in green to perform.

I have never been a Henry Burris fan because it always seems to be all or nothing with him. The way to get Henry to beat himself is to frustrate him with some sacks and knockdowns, prevent him from establishing a rythym and he starts making errors. In essence his "choking" will depend on the performance of the Rider defense. The D will have to come up big not so much Henry choking.

Yes Burris is a great CFL QB....in half of the games he plays.

...and the Rider D has been playing very well lately, so pressure on Burris is a foregone conclusion.

On paper, the Riders should take this one. However, if Burris gets hot and can "exocise" the fumble demons, he could light things up with his receiving corps. Austin must keep the Riders focussed and not get caught in all the hoopla of the first home playoff game. I recall past several teams in both football and hockey stumble in their first return to playoffs (or hosting a playoff) after a long drought.

While the Riders will be favoured, an upset is a great possibility.

YES! we got em stamps! we got em all writing you guys off. This is all going exacly the way i knew it would. Sambo42 has the correct thinking though, with all the pressure on the Riders Burris will flourish.

Think about that for a minute thats the difference from past years.

I don't see Burris choking 3 years in a row. The last two years must have been awful for stamps fans.

…TOUGH…to get a win in Riderville…especially with a lot on the line…Henry will have to get over his compulsive urges to throw the ball to the opposing dbs…and when the happy feet start…fumbleitis usually occurs or interception…Somehow …i think it can turn out different for Burris, if he just keeps his cool…in any event …this one is going to be a great game to watch…should be very close and entertaining… :thup:

2 halfs of bad playoff football and Henry Burris is a choker, thats stupid.
In the 04' playoffs Henry Burris went into Edmonton and won the west-semi and then went into B.C. in front of 55,000 people and pushed the Lions to overtime. KJ was blown away in B.C. last year in the West final. Rider fans MUST remember 04' but they wont bring it up beacause for some reason only the past 2 years matter, its all BS. KJ was bad in the first half of the west semi last year and then handed the ball to KK in the second. If your gonna take shots at my QB im gonna take shots at yours.