Burris wants to be Canadian citizen but can't?

In a recent story from the CBC and other media on the CFL, Redblacks QB Henry Burris want’s to become a Canadian Citizen but can’t because the CFL is looked upon by immigration as a part time job in Canada at six or eight months out of the year.

See story on the following link:

[url=http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/ottawa/henry-burris-veteran-cfl-quarterback-can-t-get-canadian-citizenship-1.3021688]http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/ottawa/he ... -1.3021688[/url]

I don’t think any special considerations should be given to anybody applying to become a Canadian Citizen however people with lesser contibutions to society or other have been granted citizenship.

Anyone who has lived here continuously as long as Hank, and who wants to become a Canadian citizen should be able to whether they have full time employment or not. Otherwise he should have been made to leave the country at the end of each CFL season and only allowed back in when the next training camp opened.

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I gather it’s this portion of the definition of “permanent resident” that is the problem.

It does seem odd that living in the country year round for many years isn’t the same as being a permanent resident. But then, what loopholes would changing that open up? Who else would unintentionally become eligible for citizenship?

There’s got to be a solution.

At least (unfortunately?) now that the media is involved, the aide to the Immigration Minister will be "taking another look" at his application. I wish Smilin' Hank all the best.

I am told that Henry could apply for resident status in this country as an entrepreneur or perhaps as an investor as he has business interests in Canada.