Burris vs Greene

I am a Rider fan, however, I am a Burris fan as well. So, I am wondering what all the sask fans who were saying, "who needs Burris when we have Greene", are saing now?

Shivers has done alot for the Riders, however, I am still putting alot of the blaim on him (not Burris) for the QB situation. He signs Greene to a long term contract before signing Burris, and then tells Hank that he may not be the starter? That's BS.

I have supported this Rider team for many years, but I can't stand going to games anymore as it is boring watching this Nealon character. Hitch pass, 5 yard pass, 2 yard pass. BORING!!!!!!!!

I know people who have been season ticket holders for 20 years, and they are not renewing unless there is some major changes.

Barrett needs to stop trying to make up for lost time with his bastard son, Nealon.

On the other hand, good job Hank.

Well, a lot of the passes last night by both teams were of the short variety.
Of course, they were all on the mark.
And for once Burris didn't have fumbleitis. He had a great game, no doubt.
If the Riders can move to 5-6 after their next three games, the season is salvageable.

Burris is one of the most exciting QB's to have ever worn a Sask uniform, the idea that they came so close to having him there permanently still hurts. Shivers and Barratt F*cked up big time...and now the Sask fans are made to suffer. But that's okay, it has some how become acceptable for Sask fans to suffer, I know...I am one of them. (the good news for me, I live in Victoria so I don't have to walk on those depressed streets of Sask after another boring loss as QB'd by N. Greene.

its over !!!! lets not even compare the two Burris is a stamp and Greene is a rider ........ stamps are winners and riders are hasbeens at the Qb position
it looks like Shivers cant find talent at the QB position and Barret cant develop it Butler cant play ?? in his 3rd year Butler should be #2???????

Its water under the bridge now… could have should have …we will have to put up with this decision for the rest of the season, Hanks doing what he is capable of doing… I hope for the fans sake the Riders can salvage something outta this debacle, and thats trade who ever it takes for Maas.

Let’s see if BC will take Northern Saskatchewan for Printers. :smiley:

Actually that would not be Nealons fault, you can put the blame on Marcel Bellfuille for that one.

Actually that would not be Nealons fault, you can put the blame on Marcel Bellfuille for that one.
I can agree to a point, however when the attempts to go long were made, Greene wasn't even close. In any case, it's been some boring football this year for Rider fans, with the exception of Corey Holmes.