Burris vs. DeMarco --- Thoughts??


Should Ottawa be bold and make the switch now to their future QB. or stick with experience. Your thoughts??

Maybe they could take a page out of Austin's book, and put DeMarco in for a couple of drives every game like he did last year with LeFevour.

I don't think you can rotate him just to get some reps in and added experience for Demarco, at least not this year. He has a 2 yr deal with near $500K per annum. IMO you can't really justify sitting a guy making that much money in a game for even a couple series if the team is still in the game on the scoreboard. For now, Demarco will have to get his reps in games that are out of reach and any short yardage plays he gets. Next year it's easier to make the argument to sit Burris since it will be his last year. They're one game behind the Argos for first in the East with a game in hand, so hardly the time to sit Burris full time.

And really, the problem isn't entirely with Burris IMO. What they need to do is get him and/or Demarco some receivers. By and large they have been pretty poor as a group. Vs the Riders last week there were a lot of balls that were dropped or bounced off receivers hands. I'm not really sure who they can bring in, but someone needs to step up and lead that group. Once they can find a couple of reliable receivers it will make life easier for Burris and going forward with Demarco.

IMO....last game aside Burris has been terrific this year.
I'd definitely keep him as the starter with DeMarco getting reps in practice and significant playing time at appropriate times such as healthy leads or big deficits.
I'd definitely have him ready with a package ready to change the pace.

When he out performs Burris in practice and games he becomes the guy.

But Ottawa should be on the hunt for QBs and I'm sure they are. Campbell has been schooled by the best in this regard by his dad and later by Hufnagel.

Agreed with all of that. Burris takes some of the blame, but certainly not all of it. I do wish he would stop throwing to 6'5" Marcus Henry's knees and a foot over 5'6" Jamill Smith. Ne needs to flip that.

His protection has not been great either. Lots of youth there and penalties that have put the offense in bad spots.

It's going to take some time, he needs protection and he needs a receiver like Johnson that is on the 6 game injured.
Remember that last year in Week 4, Burris and the Ticats lost 37 - 0 to Sask but then came back and had a great year.

Way too early to be talking about this. Keep in mind, a couple wins can almost lock up the East for them. :lol: OK, only the first half of that was serious.

Yeah, & he could end up like Collaros. :frowning:
What they need is a better Defence, more of a running game, far less penalties,
oh...& someone that can actually catch the ball. :roll:
Changing qb's didn't help Austin either, it just confused things more. :frowning:
Like he did in their last game, running & screaming, for a time-out that cost them the game. :oops: