Burris vs Calvillo

I see Anthony has been awarded the allstar selection over Henry. The stats are very similar with Calvillo having a slight edge, however the facts are the Stamps play in a tougher division, see B.C., Edm and Sask 3 times and in some cases 4. Montreal plays Tor, Hamilton, o.k. you get the point.

Hopefully the selection commitee for the Schenley's(or whatever there called now) will see the truth.

To me, playing in the better division isn't a huge factor. Calvillo had an outstanding year and shouldn't be penalized for playing against weaker teams.

Calvillo is one of the most consistant qb's in the league. He has the numbers, but as much as I dislike Henry Burris, he should win the award. Either one is deserving (so is Cam Wake)

I agree he shouldn't be penalized for playing in the weaker division, but how can you ignore the fact that Burris had a tougher challenge to deal with. I think it should count for some consideration.

Fair enough. It is a difficult decision, they've both had good years. I'd like to see them go head to head in the Grey Cup.

Not only that but playing the weaker teams means the stats are abit padded if you know what I mean. I find it funny she says that AC should not be penalized yet that fact is forgotten. What would AC get had he been playing in the west division?

AC played 17 games compaired to 18 For HB and still managed to beat him in every single stat.....by a wide margin.
500+ more yards 4 more TDs and 1 less interception and 3.5 points higher QB rating with 1 less game played. AC even has a higher rushing average than HB
HB played 8 games against the east to AC's 10....Take in to account the 1 less game over all and the divisions become meaningless
HB has nothing on AC so all you have is....OH ITS A WEAKER DIVISION.

Stats wise you would have to break down on an average stats vs each team basis. where you compare HB vs AC against each team. or flip a coin. they are probably that close.

Well we don't know do we? You can't speculate, which is why it is not fair to not to give Calvillo full credit for the great season he has had.

We won't mention how badly AC played against the Stamps oh ya thats right the Als lost both games. :cowboy: Greengirl you said you had to wait for them to play head to head and frankly they have and both games AC looked very ordinary.

I would like to see Montreal vs. Calgary because I think it would be a good game. It doesn't really have anything to do with this year. I don't believe Calvillo was ordinary in both of those games. Besides, Burris hasn't been outstanding in all 18 games this year. If he wouldn't have been ordinary against the TiCats (one of those weak teams) Burris might have been closer in the stats department. The East isn't as good theory still doesn't make sense to me. Calvillo had a great year and deserves credit for it.

the numbers are in
Against the east
HB averages
35 Att..... 24.12compt.....312.625 yards.....2.625 TDs.....0.75 picks
AC averages
42att.......30.25compt.....341.25yards.....2.625 TDs.....0.625 Picks
AC wins in every catagorie

against the west
HB averages
31.1 Att.....18.8Compt.....259.2 yards.....1.8 TDs.....0.8Picks
AC Averages
37.8Atts.....24.2Compt.....315.7 Yards.....2.285TD.....1Pick
AC wins in every catagorie again except picks, and barley at that.

Well look at that!!!!!
Better numbers in both divisions.....

Your weaker division excuse is worthless
SO is the what would happen if excuse


My sentiments exactly! The way I see it...the West..with 4 very strong teams, was a Tier 1 conference. Where as the Als, although a Tier 1 team, played in a tier 2-3 conference...ergo..Calvillo stats are going to be good. But he is not that much ahead of Burris who faced far more winning teams during the season..and as a side note beat the Als in the two meetings this passed season. I believe the voters missed the boat here. Also, as good as Calhoon is...Paris jackson should have got the nod.

I guess you didnt read the stats I just posted

Here is the better stat:

Calgary 2 win and the Als 0.

what are HB and AC's stats vs the west?????? that should play a part too!

Cant argue the numbers so like usual what you post is useless

Anthony Calvillo has had a good year, but come on. Henry Burris is the league MVP.

I am disputing the numbers because as you know stats can be flawed. AC played three sub 500 team in the east to pad those stats. Where as he Stamps played three very good teams for Henry to get stats that are very close to AC's. The main stat you fail to acknowledge is that Henry Burris and th Stamps beat AC and the ALS noty only in Calgary but right there in Montreal. Yes stats can be flawed.

Well for one we are talking about MOP not MVP.
And 2...... There is no valid reason to put HB ahead of AC....None....AC has the better numbers in all catagories and in both divisions....

How can you justify giving the Most Outstanding award to someone whos numbers are not the most outstanding ?