Burris to ticats

Now There's a thread with some truth to it. East division gonna be competitive for sure. Looking forward to it.

Hank pretty much wore out his welcome in Calgary. No one is making a big fuss there contrary to esks fans with RR.

That's because Calgary has Drew Tate who the fans believe in. Edmonton has no replacement just Tillman's word and we all know what that's worth :lol:

Will be an interesting season. Good competition from Toronto and Hamilton. We will play these two teams on 3 occasions,excluding pre-season. Burris has always had great games against us.

Let's hope that Mr. Popp will sign quality defensive linemen and defensive backs. we will them.


Kevin Glenn is a quality backup too. I'm not sure Tate can handle an 18 game season on his first year. And a candian O-lineman to boot. Pretty good deal for them.

So the east has calvillo,burris,ray and likely pierce. The west has durant, tate,jyles and lulay. My guess is Tillman felt that he couldn't win with Ray and figured now was the best time to get something for him. He's got issues but as a GM he's as crafty as they come.

agreed. defence is definitely a priority. take some pressure off an aging calvillo who keeps having to drive the length of the field.

Calgary also got a conditional draft pick. Ticat fans figured they would get Burris for free :roll:

Hamilton has become a bit of a QB graveyard these past few years. We'll see if Burris doesn't become another Maas/Printers. Looks like McPherson will be staying put which is a very nice insurance policy for the als.

Burris is a good QB but he's 37 and his physical tools are declining. Obie got fleeced on this one, should not have had to give up an o-lineman and a pick.

Obie is always saying better is better.

Is Burris, notwithstanding his age and perhaps his declining skills (he has had only one year, 2011, which called that into question, and to say his skills are declining after one season might be a bit of a stretch. . . Ricky Ray bounced back rather nicely last season, might Burris do the same?), better than Glenn?


He's far more mobile (even if he's slowed up a tad, he's still faster than Glenn), and he has a much stronger arm so he'll be able to make much better use of Hamilton's young and fast receiving corps.

Ticats have Burris listed at 6,1" 190 pounds that was his college playing weight. I've been told that his weight the last couple years has hovered between 225 and 230 That is way, way too heavy for a 37 year old CFL quarterback. At that weight he's not a running threat and he does not have the endurance to oxygenate and move around that much weight. Also his shoulder and upper body have become stiff. For Burris to continue to be effective, he'd have to drop his weight to 200 pounds through Diet and cardio and the stiffness in his shoulder may or not be permanent depending on if there is tendinosis or not.

I hope he does well. The ability is all there just some real bad training choices.

2011 was not a bad season for Henry. His stats were spot on his career average and he was inconsistant as he was for most of his career. I think Huffnagel saw a change in Hank's ability to lead and Huffnagel as a long time QB coach and QB himself would be able to spot that. Henry will have almost all the same challenges in Hamilton as he had in Calgary. An average Oline and inconsistent group of receivers and an aging running back. Now can a change of scenery and losing his job in Calgary rejuvenate him, it might. let's hope so, the league needs experienced QB's.

Ticats now need to find a HC,OC and DC. Khari Jones has jumped ship to ssk to be QB coach. Jason Tucker is WR coach, Kris Sweet OL and Dyce OC for the riders.

Ticats are starting from scratch again and with a 37 year old QB a 33 year old running back and in OB they their fans still trust. Incredible.

apparently they have been granted permission by the buffalo bills to interview George Cortez. Not sure if he's interested. Otherwise it will probably be Tim Burke and then it's winnipeg who's out a DC post that probably could be filled by Greg Marshall unless he winds up in hammy with Cortez. Man I'm amazed these teams haven't settled it yet. Only 5 months to training camp.

Cortez and Burris have worked together, that would be a bonus.

No one ever accused Hamilton fans of being the smartest...it's no surprise they never win!

Yep. Funny -- all those Cats fans talking about how AC should retire. Now their GM goes out and acquires a 37-year-old QB who lost his starting job in Calgary. Not surprised Khari Jones jumped ship. They are taking forever to hire their HC, and they have uncertainty now in many areas (HC, OC, DC, QB). Burris is a good QB, but he's carrying too much bulk and I believe his best days are behind him. Burris has always relied on his physical tools to succeed, and they appear to be in decline. Can he succeed in Hamilton with an average O-line, a new OC / system, and young receivers? We'll see...

Barron Miles has apparently been named the DB coach for the riders. Quite the youth movement down there.

Good to see everyone back from the holidays.