Burris to Return to Riders

Eric Tillman will announce at a 1:00pm press conference that the Saskatchewan Roughriders have acquired Henry Burris from the Calgary Stampeders. The Riders will send Calgary Lineman Gene Makowsky, Linebacker Maurice Lloyd, and third string Quarterback Steven Jyles.

A Rider insider was quoting Tillman as saying you need to have a starting Quarterback in the CFL to win and after Joseph was traded to Toronto, Tillman had to fill those needs. Burris was seen last night at the Regina Airport and was quoted as saying he is excited about re-establishing himself with the Rider Nation.

[url=http://news.google.ca/news?hl=en&resnum=0&q=april+fools&um=1&ie=UTF-8&sa=X&oi=news_result&resnum=4&ct=title]http://news.google.ca/news?hl=en&resnum ... 4&ct=title[/url]

damn you sporty! :lol:

Excuse me while I wipe up the coffee I just spewed on the monitor.........

Well, this thread gave me the kick I needed to wake up this morning. :slight_smile:

is this aprils fools joke? :?

No. :roll:

Haha.....good one. If Tillman is pinning all his hopes on MC then he is the april fool...grin

Arius, you should have told us you had a little brother....

A fool with 3 Grey Cup rings. Artic this is what I think. If Riders have winning season next year again. Or 2 more. And Tillman leaves. You will be 1 of the people calling him a traitor. Saying he turned his back on us.

Didnt like Joseph trade. Have said so 100 times. Ask Arius. But I will say this. Im not arrogant enough to think I know more about Crandall than Miller. Or Tillman. Joseph was ok and no better before Austin got here. Maybe it was Austin. Maybe it was the system. Maybe both. Im going to wait and see on Crandall. Not call people a fool. Especially after season with 12 wins and Grey Cup.

Maybe Miller and Tillman think they can win with Crandall. Or Tate. Or Jyles. Or Durant. Or with 2 of them. They know more about them than me. More than you to. Tell me this. 2 years ago who knew any thing about Pierce and Jackson in BC?

Holy overreaction...it's an April Fool thread, austin...no need to go all ranting on this one...

The thread was funny. Burris coming back. The fool name calling was not. The day doesnt change what it is 02. Negative. Why cant we enjoy winning Grey Cup. Thats my point. Riders win cup and some fans still complain. That is why Calgary and BC and Edmonton laugh at us. We lose. Our gm is fool. We win. Our gm is fool. If we win cup in 08. Again. Some will still complain. Or argue about whose team it is. Sad. I dont care whose team it is. I supported Barrett. I supported Austin. I wanted Hall. But I will support Miller.

Maybe winters been to long. Im ready for football. Real football. Real scores. Players playing the game. Not football talk from people who know more than coach and gm.

Take the thread for what it is, and run with it…seriously…

Austin can you please quit typing in half sentences, it gets annoying.

If you read them in the voice of Captain Kirk, they are perfectly fine....

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