Burris to Ham. for Glenn

I'm thinking it has to be Cortez. I wouldn't be surprised if his acceptance of the H.C. job hinged on Burris being under contract. Each of them were their most successfull when they worked together in Calgary.

If you restructure/reduce a salary by $100,000 to $300,000 and this $300,000 includes a $100,000 signing bonus,your base salary becomes $200,000. Common sense. Happens often. Steven Jyles, who was traded from the Argos to the Eskimos, signed a $200,000 to $250,000 contract with the Argos,of which $75,000 was paid as a signing bonus,in 2011; for 2012, his base salary with Edm will range between $125,000 and $175,000. It will free monies for Edm., to sign free agents. Before the trade, they had Ray at $400,000; after the trade, it is Jyles at $125,000 to $175,000. Free funds/monies of no less than $225,000 and as much as $275,000.


RichardVeilleux wrote: If you restructure/reduce a salary by $100,000 to $300,000 and this $300,000 includes a $100,000 signing bonus,your base salary becomes $200,000.
Richard, where in the article does it state that the reduced salary INCLUDED the signing bonus?
Burris has apparently agreed to restructure his salary of more than $400,000 to $300,000, but will receive a $100,000 signing bonus

i think you're the only one interpreting it that way, richard.

I am positive that Obie sees it as I do.


So Hamilton gets rid of one underachieving QB for another. They better hope last year was just an off year for Burris otherwise someone loses their job over this one.

Calgary on the other hand is in a no lose situation. With Tate taking the starters job late last season then getting a new contract last month Burris was a goner. So they trade someone who would have been a very unhappy camper for a quality backup.

Calgary starts way ahead on this one. Whether or not they win depends on how well Burris can play next year and with the step down in receivers Burris starts in a hole.

I think you may be right, Cortez and Burris had quite a history in Calgary and this may be another replay?

Gee that's funny, I seem to remember some Eskie fans wanting Ray gone because he was "over the hill" after a rough 2010 outing.New HC and OC, Voila, he's back to the Ray that we know has a shot at Calvillo's records one day.Will he do as well in Toronto?I say hell yes.Jeremaine Copeland will cease to be the forgotten man and speaking of Mann, Maurice Mann is a weapon Ray is all too familiar with.Same thing with Arland Bruce.I was one of many who thought Wally was out of his mind bringing him in.Boy was I wrong, as I eat my grey cup crow.Fact of the matter is Burris is a huge upgrade over Glenn.He's taller (6'1" compared to Glenn's 5'10"), he's got the strongest arm in the CFL, he's been the CFL's MOP (only 2 years back no less), he's one of the best in the CFL at running with the ball (something Glenn can't and won't do),He's a vocal leader and motivator (Glenn is just a fist pumper), he's a grey cup champ (something KG will very likely never achieve as a starter), MVP of the grey cup he won, a 1x CFL all-star and a several time western all-star."well he's 37, wah wah wah" And?Did Calvillo not win back to back grey cups and if not for catostrophic injuries, he easily could've had a 3rd straight.Will Burris do well?Any given year any player can either excell or fall on their face.The only way to find out is to play out the season.But I am so much more comfortable knowing that our team is in the hands of a proven, capable, champion QB.Great trade Obie :thup:

I don’t really get this trade for both sides, lots of talent on both sides of the trade but here’s where I get confused.

Calgary has Drew Tate, yes competition is always good but if Tate struggles will having Glenn looking over his shoulder be that good for his confidence? You can look at Durant and say he was pushed by Jyles before having an awesome game and fully taking over the starting job but you can look at the season before with Bishop, Jyles, Durant, and Crandell and saying that the constant “looking over the shoulder” wasn’t great for any of them. I would rather have Calgary sign a able but not as “big” QB as Glenn for confidence sake.

For Hamilton Glenn was good to them, yes mediocre records of 9-9, 8-10 yet he did finally make it to the East Final after Division Semi Finals, one has to think that maybe this year he would have made it over the hump? GC Apperance? So now you dump Glenn who may have a peaking year to get Burris who’s peak year was last season and on the decline, Hamilton has no real young QB for Burris to “Groom” Like a Pierce to Lulay or a Joseph/Crandell to Durant. You have Quinton Porter who has been a half bust half mediocer QB for his time in the CFL and you have Boltus who was rarley used. So you get Burris for one maybe 2 seasons tops and then what? Whos “the guy” that is supposed to emerge and be the franchise player?

Glad teams are shaking it up and I think the CFL needs it, I was just saying how there isn’t alot of free agent of offseason moves last year but look where we are now. These moves of New Coaches, Coordinators and QBs and other players will “fresh up” the CFL and make for an amazing season but this move in particular doesn’t sit well for me if I’m a Cat or Stamp fan…


how can you expect a peak year from glenn after a 10 year sub-500 career?
he had, possibly, his best season in 2010, still finished 9-10 only to follow up with a 9-11 year in 2011.

glenn will not pose a threat to tate. he is simply what he should have been his whole career: a competent backup.

I agree. Glenn is no threat to Tate but provides a security blanket at the QB position if Tate is hurt or needs to have a few series off during a bad game. Glenn is there as a mature backup that is winding down his career and if he comes in with the right attitude can make some decent $ for a couple of more years while getting credit for helping coach Tate.

Good for Burris he still is a talented QB, he just is so unpredictable from week to week, not sure how he will do in the east, he sucks against the Argos.

Should be an exciting season in the Eastern Conference

So Hamilton trades their starting QB for Calgary's backup? Yup, that sounds like a deal that the Hamilton front office would make.

It just seems like an everyone loses type of trade. Glenn goes from a starter in Hamilton to Drew Tates backup so Glenn loses. Burris has to move from beautiful Calgary to the putrid steel yards of Hamilton so he loses. Hamilton itself gives up 3 players for 1. If it was Glenn for Burris staight up then it would be a decent deal but since it's not, Hamilton loses. And Calgary gets a guy who flat out can't perform in the playoffs. 3 points in the East Final Vs Winnipeg. So Calgary loses.

Meanwhile looks like Bishop has to wait on injury`s...He will be back, not to worry

My question is will Burris be a starter or backup to Porter in Hamilton? Burris is going downhill, Porter isn't that great so it seems neither option is particularily good. Is there a good up and coming QB in the TiCats system?

Birdman, its a lot tougher to build a team when everybody and their brother isn't helping you to try and make the 100th cup whicg you're hosting.Yeah, I'm a very big believer in the conspiracy.Nobody including Scott Milanovich wanted anything to do with Toronto and now all of a sudden it's the place to be ala the poaching of Chris Jones and the new HC whom had refused you before.Shall we add that you got the 2nd best QB in the cfl for basically nothing?Let's not forget that mysterious little fire which will grant you a nice brand new facility to practice rigging games on your supposed legit cup run.Sorry, I'd rather live with the putrid steel yards with honesty and integrity than live in Toronto where nobody cares about the cfl and the people there have their heads FAR up their a55 thinking they're the greatest.ARGO'S SUCK!see you cheap shotting sissies on labour day for your annual beat down.

Oh yes, he'll be back, just like he came back to win MVP in the Grey Cup :roll: :roll: :roll:

Geez, do you HAVE to drag your hero into EVERY thread on here? Your fixation with a mediocre qb is really getting creepy.

ha ha ha, WOW! You aren’t bitter, are you? Btw, we both know it was a disgruntled
Ti-Cat fan who burned down the Argos practice facility. Probably their way of getting back at the Argos for signing Ray.

A change of venue for the players may rejuvenate their careers.