Burris to Fantuz

It was great to see Burris hooking up with Fantuz this game.( 8 catches for 135yrds.)
The chemistry is beginning to show.
Somehow I think that Fantuz and Burris are going to have a great game next week in Regina!!!

I really hope they give us a encore performance and get some payback against the green goblins :thup:

I'm loving the chemistry as well, but I want to see Giguere get more thrown his way too.

Am I imagining things or does Giguere seem to be giving less than 100% on every play? On some plays, he just seems to be going through the motions.

An Argo-Cat fan

He is playing hurt with a bad case of turf toe

Agree, he's not at his best and at that, he can still be a starter. I know, some will say it's about the ratio thing that this could happen even though in other leagues you'd see the same thing, ratio or not. :?

I'm hoping too, but I'm not expecting it. I expect Saskatchewan's defense to key on Fantuz.

I'm looking for others to get the ball a little more., ie Grant and Stala