Burris takes MOP

Wow. I'm surprised. I honestly thought they'd give it to AC again. Congrats to Burris. :thup:


I can think of a few other players who should have it before Burris. He really stunk it up a few times, AC was far more consistant.

I'm not saying Burris didn't deserve it, but one thing I thought was weird was the article mentioning his rushing numbers. They were actually worse than last year's (491 yards and 3 TDs comapred to 552 yards and 11 TDs), so I don't see how that could give him an extra nodge.

But regardless, congrats to him.

I thought AC would get it for sure.

I wasn't impressed with his acceptance speech and some comments in the paper he's made. Congrats Burris, now no more complaining.

I wonder if they gave him the award to stop his whining about the game he lost last week.

Guess the league likes the spectacle of more interceptions. :lol:

Wow way to be a sore loser and brag about the win good job

I am listening to the radio and just as I was reading this they mentioned Burris's award.. He got 32 of the 60 votes.. Close one anyway.

A sore loser? We won.

IMO Calvillio got absolutely jobbed.
I think Henry's a great quarterback and had a great season but the voters screwed up. AC was the MOP.

Having said that, you guys need to give it up. He wasn't whining at all and has been nothing but humble and classy since losing last week. It only been 6 years or so..

Congrats to him, close vote though as noted.

psst....Haven't you heard? There's a conspiracy favouring the west this year :lol: :lol:

k you know what i meant

On a side note Burris also took the Miss Congeniality prize… :lol:

read this one too

since i've been watching football, the MOP award has gone to a QB 5 of the 6 years ( damon allen, kerry joseph, AC, AC, Burris )...often with 2 QBs as finalists.

IMO, lets just call the MOP award what it REALLY is: Most Outstanding QUARTERBACK.

AC should have won the award. Even though he missed a few games he still had good numbers.

I think the City of Calgary would revolt if Burris didn't win, after all they always seem to complain about something. A few years ago it was about the number of all stars, last year about Burris not winning.......

I guess fighting through a bruised sternum and dislocated finger, and having arguably better stats than any other QB despite fewer games just isn't enough to be MOP. It must be those pictures of Burris in a bra that had the panel convinced of just how 'outstanding' he was. :wink:

....hermhater, you should really stretch your awesome hyperbole to, say, include all of southern alberta because that would make it super more legitimate...