Burris suffers shoulder injury

At this point they are saying an undetermined shoulder injury.

It's not the worst case scenario by the sounds of it, I hope nothing is broken.

A separated shoulder or broken collar bone could put him out 'til the playoffs, if not longer.

New forum rules say 05 can't even whine about it...however, I am sure he will find a way to circumnavigate the fact......!!!!

Akili Smith is THE best QB every to play in the CFL, unless JJ wins the Grey Cup.....

Guy throws picks like he thinks they're touchdowns... :?

The only thing Smith might be is the richest qb to play in the CFL

Hope Burris doesn't suffer the same fate as BC QB's this season. Hope Calgary fans don't have to go through the QB merry-go-round like BC fans have had to go through this season. Never any fun losing your starting pivot. Hopefully for the Stamps it's just a short-term injury and nothing too serious.

Well it will be a challenge for sure. But hopefully Smith can show he is the QB that he was in college. This will be a good test for him if not Nealy would finally get to try. I know two rider fans that enjoy this only because they would not like to lose again this year to Burris.

Forget about Toronto already...

Good teams survive a crisis like this. Calgary is a good team. It will hurt them but they can still win without him.

RLR - why do I get the impression you didn't feel the same way about the Riders in the past few years when their QB's went down? Or last year when Glenn went down?

MOre like the biggest bust! :lol: :lol:

I think Mike McMahon qualified for 'biggest bust' this season....


Burris will probably only be out 2 weeks which isn't bad at all. I'm looking forward to seeing what Akili's made of next weekend at BC Place Stadium. Still not sure if JJ or Pierce will play that game, but either way it'll be the battle of the back-ups.

Actually me too. I would like to see if Smith can break the curse of NFL qb's and if not Nealy would be nice to see in action.

Still kicking myself in the ass for picking him in the Fantasy Huddle...