Burris suffers a dislocated shoulder

Stamps’ Burris suffers dislocated shoulder

TSN.ca Staff

9/22/2007 4:32:04 PM

"Calgary Stampeders quarterback Henry Burris suffered a dislocated shoulder in Friday night’s loss to the Hamilton Tiger-Cats.

Burris is scheduled to have an MRI done on the damaged shoulder on Saturday and will not be available until Tuesday. Stampeders head coach Tom Higgins said Burris will likely be out for the next two weeks but did not want to speculate further until results of the MRI are known.

On the Stampeders’ final drive of the game, Burris scrambled out of the pocket and dove out of bounds inside the 10-yard line. Tiger-Cats linebacker Zeke Moreno fell on Burris while the Stamps’ pivot as he landed out of bounds.

Higgins hinted that he thought the hit by Moreno was late and was unhappy it was not called by the officials.

That leaves former NFL first round pick Akili Smith as the starter for next week’s showdown with the B.C. Lions.

When asked if Smith is ready to make his first start in the CFL, Higgins replied with “probably not” but explained that he is the most ready and the time is now to be ready."


I have looked at it a few times. we got away with one, it was late for sure. i dont think it was dirty but lesser hits have been called. It cost them there starting qb for a while and cost them a win also. I am glad we won, but we got a huge break on that play. The refs missed a call. Its about time, hehe.

Sorry rebounder but I have to disagree with you.

I have played it frame by frame a number of times and what I saw is Zeke already in motion to hit Burris while Henry was still in the air, about a yard in bounds and reaching for every inch he could.

It looked to me like Moreno tried to pull up as he was on his way down, but motion and gravity carried his into Burris.

The hit was borderline being late but it wasn't. It was just good pursuit.

(disclaimer: I do watch every Ti-Cat game through Black and Gold glasses)

i said lesser hits have been called and we got a break......you said it was borderline late. If the refs flagged us nobody would have been suprised. Trying to hold up dont matter, he hit him, late. Watch it again, burris was down, out of bounds, did not have the ball anymore and already bounced once......I just think we got a break and when calgary cries about it this week....mereno may have to explain himself.

It wasn't even the hit by Zeke that caused it. He landed hard on his left hand when he was triped causing it to jam his left shoulder. He would still have been hurt without the 2nd hit.

I have always said that it's kinda hard to stop yourself in mid-air. IIRC, Zeke was in mid-air.

(sigpig) I have always said that it's kinda hard to stop yourself in mid-air. IIRC, Zeke was in mid-air.
Agreed. There's not much you can do if your body is already in flight to make a tackle and your victim was a yard in bounds when you lunged at him.

Everything happens so fast at that point, it could easily be mistaken as an illegal hit, but it wasn't, so Higgens should spit out the sour grapes and find another alibi.

From the Calgary Sun

Burris was scheduled for an MRI yesterday, but the Stamps won't make an official statement on how much action the quarterback will miss until Tuesday.

Most shoulder separations take about four to six weeks to heal, which would put Burris out for the rest of the regular season.

"They were able to put it back into place without much difficulty," Higgins said yesterday after returning home from Ontario.

"He's in a somewhat high degree of pain. We don't have any time parameters whatsoever. Everything is conjecture at this point in time."

TSN's OTR with M.Lansberg just showed the Burris injury four times.

After seeing it from a couple of angles I still believe that he hurt his right shoulder falling while swinging his arm forward.

Thats when he dislocates the shoulder,just like Lumsden hurt his in Calgary when tripped up the same way.

Watching Moreno come in on top of him wasn't a hard hit at all,more like he ends up on top from momentum ,but not hard at all.

The following is an excerpt from an article by Allan Maki titled "Unnecessary roughness" on globeandmail.com today:

"George Black, the CFL's director of officiating, reviewed the Burris play yesterday and determined "there was no unnecessary roughness, and, as a result, supplementary discipline is not warranted.""