"Burris Sucks" t-shirts

Ah, you saskatchewanese have done it again ... gone and made t-shirts for Saturday's game that say "Burris Sucks". I love how even though the riders are having a good start - actually, it's probably legendary by Saskatchewan standards - you still can't get over the Burris thing :roll: Hey, if Burris sucks so much, then what are you complaining about? He's not with you guys anymore ... the point is approaching moot status.

We could instead start comparing kickers :wink:

And in any case, although I do, sadly, expect saskabush to win on Saturday ... it won't be easy. It'll be a close game.

Not a close game sorry
....as for the Burris thing try and relate it to having your girlfiend cheat on you for a richer dud..n that is the kind of anger the Rider fans are feeling. He gets all that he has coming ,what is worse for him he could have had it all but is now stuck missing the playoffs once more. Money can't buy you Love Henry.
As for getting over it .it won't happen any time soon so get use to all the BOO's

thats a good analogy mccracken. i am actually in favor of getting over it, but I am not sure that it will happen. I think Nealon Greene is better and it is no doubt that he is definately playing better so far (fingers crossed). The Rich dude can have his crappy girlfriend.

I don't know if it is funny, sad, pathetic or just plain stupid. Henry left for money. So what. Professional athletes have been doing it for ever. Burris was a free agent. Someone offered him more money. So he left. Burris didn't do anything to the Riders that hasn't happened a million times to a millions teams in every single professional sport in the world. I think some fans are just mad, because, "God forbid! Someone didn't want to play in Saskatchewan-home of the great fans ever!!!" What happened, unfortunately for the Riders) was a reality of professional sports. Period. Dozens of athletes in every major sport will sign with other teams in the off-season this year. And everyone of those players will say they wanted to stay with their original team before they leave. You are not a special case Riders. Your team hasn't won a Grey Cup in 16 years. The Riders look like they are in a great position to get there this year. Focus on that.

If you're really are the "greatest fans" in the league, then suck it up, play the role of the bigger person, and move on with your lives!

Burris isn't the problem. Be mad a our "salary cap". And I'm sure Burris agent wan't exactly trying to talk Burris into using his heart in his desicsion process.

[quote=“CanucKev”]Ah, you saskatchewanese have done it again … gone and made t-shirts for Saturday’s game that say “Burris Sucks”. quote]

That is just wrong.
And not very nice. :evil:

i'll take a burris trading card :slight_smile:

........was listening to a radio interview with smilin hank yesterday and when he was told about this t-shirt thing he answered something like this, close but maybe not an exactly translation:

"Really? T-Shirts? Well that is pretty weird, must mean the rider fans still love me Joe (Joe Sports, Fan960), they have a great QB in Nealon, who's doing amazing things for the Riders and instead of concentrating on supporting him the fans there just keep thinking about me? Don't you think that pretty weird Joe? I do"

.....as for this being some sort of idea to throw Henry off his game, it's pretty pathetic, small minds dreamt this one up........

So what's gonna happen when Kieth and Dominguez and Jurineack and on and on get offered more money somewhere else and leave? John Avery turned his back on the Esks after he got a second chance here and was able to rejuvinate his career. Where was the loyalty after returning from the NFL? It certainly wasn't in his pockets cause they were full of Argo Money. As it turned out it has worked better for us than them.

You make silly comparisons like you are a spurned boyfriend. I agree with Yeast#5, act mature about it. If he doesn't want to be there, why would you want him? No one player is bigger than the sum of the orginization and the Riders will be around a lot longer than Henry Burris, but the legacy that you are creating for Rider fans here sure will be.

Making Henry Burris Sucks shirts is on the same level as threatening your kicker's family and dumping manure on his neighbor's driveway. Haven't you people figured that out yet. You are so consumed with it that you are losing sight of the fact that it reflects badly on you as fans and ultimately your orginization.

I indeed used to think that Rider fans were the greatest in the league because of their loyalty to the their team. Since what happened after the western final and then coming on here to see the same attitude about Henry Burris has caused me to seriously doubt that "greatest" term.

To those Rider fans that come on here and have intelligent, thoughtfull and engaging conversations with the rest of us, thanks. You truly are among the most knowledgable fans in the league. The problem these days is that by cheering for the Riders it also puts you among the juvinile and narrow minded fans in the league.


I don't think there is as much as a hatred for Burris as most people think. I think anger is the wrong word to describe Rider fans reaction. The thing is that no one cares about Henry now. People outside of Riderville are the ones making the t-shirts and causing this hoopla. The bottom line is that it is the buisness of sports. I don't know anyone, in any proffession that would turn down a job that offered you more money, a house, job for the wife, job security for years, to a place that you will be " the man" in the organization. Roy Shivers told Henry that Nealon was the man in Regina, so obviously said, "If I can't be the man here I will find a place where I can be." The offence has been built around Nealon sincve he has been in Regina, and will continue to be so until he is no longer on the team. In the 5 year plan of the Roy and Danny era, they were aiming at the offnce they have now. Which is specifically built around a QB like Nealon. I do not understand the people who are still bashing Henry, or for that matter are still Nealon haters. Sometime nothing will make these people happy. Remember in the 90's after Kent Austin won the Grey Cup with the Riders, the fans proceeded to bash his car to bits because he threw too many int's and was in a slump. Sometimes there are things we were never meant to understand.

What are we, people - four years old now? Really, it's like these "I hate Burris" twits are all "my best friend has a new best friend, and now he's not my best friend anymore" in attitude. So what? Find a new best friend, already. Grow up, act your age, and - most importantly - get over it. As has already been stated, it's a part of professional sports. Kman mentioned that it's not limited to the world of sport, either. I know several people who have loved their place of work, yet left when the money was right elsewhere; yet, we see no concern in that.

I suppose it's only a matter of time before these same Burris-haters accuse McCallum of shanking them on purpose, just so he can be traded out of here.

I think Calgary fans should buy those T shirts because smilin H. truely has sucked, he was just awful agianst Ottawa, however he will probably bounce back against his old team, as a matter of pride, but he ain't earning his pay check so far.

That is just sad.... Bomber fans are called sucks and complainers..
We had Brian Clark sweeped away from Calgary last year for more cash.. Winnipeg fans gave him a warm welcome..
Toronto sweept Arlan Bruce away from us.. No hate T-shirts were printed
Geroy Simon flew for more cash in BC. Did we cry boo hoo hoo.

Danm Atlanta Falcons.. We hate you Joran Boldon (NOT)
you guys in Sask should be damn proud of your team, Danm proud of your coach and GM. You guy's have a solid team and great managment, something that Bomber fans would kill for. Greene is way better then Burris. Suck it up and enjoy, kicking Calgarys bottoms. Burris wanted more cash and teams like ours can't pay them.. Be happy you guys have the team you have. Don't cry foul, when your own fans are a little sour. At least us Bomber fans have good reason to whine....

whoa whoa whoa. read previous posts. It is outside personal creating this "Hate Burris" trend. Rider fans are happy with their team, as a whole, but there are some ignorant folks who just don't understand. The Riders are also playing with 9 starters out of the lineup, nobody is complaining. They realize that they have the most versitile team in the league and noby is worried. Nealon is the man in Regina. Leave it alone.

I for one really like Henry Burris. I think he is a great guy to have on your team (although he is playing like crap right now) and a great spokesperson for the organization. Will I boo him when we play Calgary in October? Of Course. Will I boo him more than I boo any other QB? Probably a little, but that is only because he scorned the Riders. Do I blame him for doing it? Not really. I probably would have done the same thing. And as for wishing him well, I hope he still becomes the great QB I have thought he could be since 2000, but I also hope that he stumbles while playing the Riders. Not stumbles in that he has a bad game, but that our defense makes his game look bad. I wish Burris all the best in Calgary, but I alos think we retained the better QB.

Go Riders!!

P.S. Should be a great game on Saturday. Keith will have a great re-coming out party.

Is it outside people wearing them and buying them? How many were sold outside of Sask? I wonder how many were sold in Calgary?

I wonder if Westwood has bought one. Wait I think you guys also have Westwood Sucks T-shirt don't ya....

Everyone in Sask is just learning about these shirts now.

FIrst of all the “Burris sucks T-shirt” although a bit imature it is all in good fun really, basically someone thought that these would sell and he is probably right. As for whole Burris situation, we as Rider fans fully understand that Henry left for more money we realize that and most of us totally understand, the issue is not the fact that he left it is the way he left. I heard countless interviews with Hank saying how much he wants to stay and he has unfinished business and all that, if they offer me this amount I will stay, blah blah blah. The fact is all of the was BS Henry flat out lied to the people of Saskatchewan that is why we are so peeved. If he would have simply said that Calgary offered me more money so Im going to take, we would buy that, sure we would be upset and agry for a while but at least he is being honest. He kept us on the line for too long while he was going on dates with other teams, simply put Henry lied about many things and was completely dishonest. This is were the anger stems from as far as Im concerned.

I still say get over it. People screw other people on a daily basis - sadly, it's almost commonplace. Move on.

Winnerpeg , while I agree with you about the way you lost Bruce and Clark , I wouls say you're wrong about losing Simon. The Bombers never recognized Geroy's greatness and it wasn't until the last couple of years in BC that he became a star. '03 was his break out year. BC signed him as a free agent whom the bombers didn't care about and developed him into a star. Bombers had nothing to do with that. Sorry no credit to your team .


A cowtown fan starts this thread in a pathetic attempt to draw attention away from the fact that once again the voices of the Stamp faithful wll be drowned out by the legions of Rider fans Saturday. That's gotta be embarrasing.

And anyone who takes the whole t-shirt thing seriously - LIGHTEN UP! It's obviouly an attempt to generate more excitement for Saturday's game. If poor Henry's feelings are gonna be hurt, he should start looking for new employment. Personally, I liked (and still like) Henry. I hold no grudge against him leaving. But if can't take some ribbing, he needs thicker skin. Or is it the Stamp fans that feel slighted? After all, they are probably starting to realize the t-shirts are right! :shock: