Burris Sucks ha ha ha ha

To all those dedicated Rider fans that came to the game at McMahon. Thanks for coming! Enjoyed your company had a good time and we like the extra money! That Burris sucks shirts worked well! ha ha ha ha

Now you really know why we are so sad he left :wink:
was not there and glad for that …Good to see a sell out so you can pay Hanks check…it was an Awsome turn out too bad the riders never showed up…one drop ball and the next thing you know KO’d 3 unanswered drives…
…way to go CFL West…Ottawa get something going out there would ya.

i'm sure Burris had a good laugh after this one.

Whatever it is that Burris sucks, pass me the pipe.

Exactly what the Stamps needed: to poo-kick a divisional foe.


I guess now the Burris threads can be put to bed. The fans of the Riders now know why they needed to sign him. I can just see that Burris Sucks shirt in the Calgary locker room.

burris is worth the money. if the stamps play like that the rest of the season they will win the grey cup. no doubt about it.

burris still has alot of adjustments to make to bartelo's offence but he is slowly coming around.

Burris is a proven qb and should be showen the repect he deserves, instead alot of of sour grapes in sask don;t think he deserves the respect.

btw, what was the score?

44 -19

wow, u stamps have one good game and think that you are gonan win the grey cup, play a good team first

its called team pride

its called false hope, and thinking out your a$$

Again you show no brains by making this statment. There has been no Calgary Fans that have made that statment. You are thinking of Rider fans. Our goal is the playoffs and see where we go from there. So again try and smarten up punk.

I second that.

...putting salt to the wounds!...I like it! :twisted:

Play a good team first? Oh, but from what I'd heard from all the rider fans, the riders are a good team? Granted, their wins have come against Hamilton and Winnipeg, but they're apparently a top contender this year ...

Too many Injuries I say i hurting bad right about now.
No excuses though, we got licked :confused:

I think we will either come Fired up to play Ott or get another in the L column.
Sask was looking great with the depth, but now its just Insane.

First of Mitt injuries are a poor excuse really. Yes, you were missing key players but good teams play through the injuries. The depth is tested and the second stringers normally step to be noticed. In this case I think they went out for a hot dog.

Sorry R&W but you failed to see my logic, it is clear to everyone that the Stamps came to play and the Riders didn't.

I was just stating the fact that Injuries are getting too many and too serious which is why I have a feeling the next game is going to be a nail biter if they don't get fired up.

Alright forgive me I took it wrong!