Burris struggles

If Smiling Hank can’t put up a touchdown against the worst team in the league, I don’t hold out much hope for the Stamps this year. Could be a long year in Cowtown. At least the Flames will likely be playing this year…

…it was an ugly win and no major offensive points is somewhat concerning, I’ll give you that…kudos to rookie kicker DeAngelis who is perfect so far for 3 pointers this season…but Burris/Copeland/Lewis/Rambo need to spark something or much better secondarys then the BBs are gonna eat this crew up…

Lucky you guys in Calgary, I wish the Jets were back in the Peg, oh well, wouldn’t be long now untill they retuen!

Like I said in an previos post, he looks like Crandle did the last few years in Calgary. He was no upgrade, he was acualy a down grade from Jones.

Give Burris time. He looked horrible last year at the start playing with the Riders. But in the end the Riders had quite a winning streak going and were one of the best teams around.

He just takes time to get use to his receivers and to the offence he is running. He’ll get better, at least he learned to hold onto the ball last night.

The year previos he was the back up to Green and hadn’t played much the years previos to that so last year you could expect a slow start. this year he had an extra week to prepair with Calgary having the bye in week one. No touch downs against Winnipegs defence, which is a good defence so don’t get me wrong, but it is not the best in the CFL.

It only took Ray a half a game to get going after not playing a year, so how much time does Burris need.